After 10 Covid-19 Cases, Another Bengaluru Apartment Complex Has Been Declared As Containment Zone

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After 10 Covid-19 Cases, Another Bengaluru Apartment Complex Has Been Declared As Containment Zone

Covid-19 infection again spreading terror in a Bengaluru apartment

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

An alert has been issued for a Bengaluru apartment complex pertaining to the COVID-19 infection as 10 people residing in the complex were found to be Covid-19 positive, reported the officials on this Monday. Between February 15th and February 22nd, the positive cases in that apartment came to light, reported by N Manjunath Prasad, Commissioner of BBMP. The apartment complex, according to sources, has 9 blocks and comes with as many as 1500 residents.

On the basis of the findings, the 6 contagious apartment blocks were declared as containment zones by the officers of the BBMP. This new development in this matter follows just a few days after another Bengaluru apartment complex was made into a containment zone after about 113 residents of that apartment tested Covid positive. The district officials have informed that the recent surge in the number of covid cases was actually recorded just a couple of days post 2 big wedding anniversary parties were arranged in that residential society.

A mass covid testing drive has been organized in that apartment complex by the district administrative body. This initiative has been taken after about 2 dozen covid cases were recorded from that place in just a few days.

Most of the people who were covid positive during the first infection case were under 50 years of age and were asymptomatic, Medical officer Dr. Krishnappa, who is investigating that area, informed NDTV a week back.

Though the country at large is experiencing a flattened pandemic curve in recent times, experts have cautioned the people against not following the needed covid-19 related precautions.

Currently, the state of Karnataka stands as the third badly-hit state after Maharashtra and then Kerala.

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