Fan Enters Stadium in Dereliction of Bio-Bubble Protocols to Meet Virat Kohli

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Fan Enters Stadium in Dereliction of Bio-Bubble Protocols to Meet Virat Kohli

Fan heads frantically to meet Kohli breaking all security protocols

Thursday, 25th February 2021

An ardent Virat Kohli fan transgressed security arrangement during a match that was underway at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to meet the skipper. It was day one of the Third Test between India and England.

It was also the day of the historic match where Ishant Sharma was playing his 100th test when the fan breached the bio-bubble and entered the field. Kohli however caught sight of him from a distance and immediately stepped back a few paces asking him to get back. The man realizing his mistake soon afterwards turned back and went away amidst a cheering crowd.

There is a lot of stringencies that is maintained in accordance to the bio-bubble protocols, and players, as well as match officials, are prohibited from meeting anybody to prevent further transmission of the virus. These guidelines are followed to the tee, so much so that training sessions are also held with much precaution. Moreover, the stadium has been allowed to have an audience to fill only half its entire capacity. Hence, if the fan had hugged or so much as touched Kohli, it would have jeopardized the entire match.

A GCA said in his statement, when asked to comment about the security breach, “We will look into the matter and we will find out who the fan was. Some sort of action we will take as the matter is serious and safety of everyone is of utmost importance.”

England pacer, Jofra Archer had got into a similar situation last year when he breached the bio-bubble during the home series against West Indies. In between the first and the second Test, Archer went to his home to meet his family, who were not in the bubble. He was immediately put in isolation, fined and was not allowed to participate in the next Test match.

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