Deepika Padukone Mobbed by Women Hawkers Outside Mumbai Restaurant

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Deepika Padukone Mobbed by Women Hawkers Outside Mumbai Restaurant

Deepika gets stuck amid women hawkers; get more updates

Friday, 26th February 2021

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was caught in a snarl on Thursday night as she was leaving an eatery and was caught up by a throng of women.

The normally imperturbable actress had a smile on her face through it until some of the women started tugging at her red sling bag, in all probability trying to get her attention to sell he something. Padukone’s security soon came to her aid as she started to get a look of concern. She was soon sat in her car before getting quickly driven away.

The incident took place in Khar, a plush Mumbai suburb on Thursday night outside a restaurant. Deepika was meeting her husband actor Ranveer Singh after the completion of a shoot she had in the city. She was caught on film wearing a pair of distressed denim, a crop top, and an off-shoulder jacket. She was also spotted carrying a chic handbag, which was the one caught in the fracas.

After the dinner date, just as Deepika had stepped out of the restaurant, she was caught in the middle of a group of accosting women hawkers on one side and the paparazzi on the other. She was her unflappable self, trying to calmly wade her way out when one amongst the group of women pulled her handbag to heed her in an attempt to sell her a packet of tissue napkins.

Deepika’s calm and composed demeanor wavered for a moment when she realized someone was trying to pull her bag. However, through the entire commotion, her security personnel managed to escort her to her vehicle where she was seen heaving a sigh of relief. The entire incident was captured on camera.

The video soon became viral on social media where several people were quick to point out that the actress was without a mask, in violation of BMC’s guidelines that make wearing a face mask mandatory for people when in public places in Mumbai.

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