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Saina Director Comments On Poster Criticism: "High Concept Has To Be Unfortunately Explained"

Anmol Gupte, director of ‘Saina’ retorts after being criticized for the movie’s poster…learn more

Friday, 5th March 2021

The release of the poster of Saina has called forth several types of comment from the users of Twitter. Some liked the poster, some criticized it and few others said various other things. Here’s a brief background. One of the posters of the film features just a hand movement which looks more like tennis serve and by no means a badminton serve. The lead actress of the movie Parineeti Chopra is nowhere in that poster. Many viewers of that poster pointed out the ‘mistake’…the shuttle of badminton is never tossed into the air and the one playing needs to make a contact with the badminton shuttle underneath the waist during the game.

However, the director of the movie Anmol Gupte gave his comments in support of the stance. He wrote the following lines on his unverified FB page: "So much speculation in the digital media about the poster... "looks like a tennis serve... Saina doing a Sania" etc, etc...If Saina is the flying shuttle, then clearly, the girl's hand with the National colours wristband is the hand of the Indian girl child aspiring to reach Saina's height."

Mr Gupte tried to describe it as "high concept poster" and further added, "High concept poster by Rahul Nanda has to be unfortunately explained in detail to a quick reacting, impatient world... Not stopping to think before rubbishing anything! Socho!"

Saina, is a unique biopic on Saina Nehwal, a famed badminton player. It showcases the player’s stellar journey as a notable player of the country. It shows how a young girl chases her dreams and wins medals while representing her country. Bhushan Kumar is the producer of the movie which is to go on screen on the 26th of March.

Shraddha Kapoor had been the first choice for this film. However, she could not take up this project as her schedule is extremely busy and several projects are queued up for her.

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