India has reached the Endgame Of Pandemic, Said Health Minister

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India has reached the Endgame Of Pandemic, Said Health Minister

Learn what Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said at the MEDICON 2021 Conference

Monday, 8th March 2021

India is currently at the "endgame of the novel coronavirus pandemic". In order to achieve success at this particular stage, politics shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with the coronavirus vaccination drive, opined Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister. People of the country, he added, must repose faith in the vaccines that are backed by scientific research and must make sure their loved ones get the vaccine on time.

While delivering a speech at the 62nd Annual Delhi State Medical Conference (MEDICON 2021) of the Delhi Medical Association's (DMA's) in association with the Dharamshila Narayana Hospital on this Sunday, Mr. Harsh Vardhan stated more than 2 crore coronavirus vaccine shots have been meted out so far and the rate of vaccination has been raised to 15 lakhs each day.

"Unlike most other countries, we have a steady supply of COVID-19 vaccines that are safe with proven immunogenicity and efficacy. Based on the initial results, these Made in India vaccines have shown some of the lowest adverse events following immunization (AEFI) anywhere in the world," he stated.

Mr. Harsh Vardhan laid stress on the fact all children in this entire world must be vaccinated against poliomyelitis just because Afghanistan and Pakistan could not remove the disease from the respective countries, the statement stated.

"Similarly, India cannot be safe from coronavirus and COVID-19 if the rest of the world continues to be unsafe, which is why it is essential to curb COVID-19 vaccine nationalism."

"If poor and underdeveloped countries continue to harbor the novel coronavirus, we shall not be able to ensure safety for all. A fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine is the biggest need of the hour," he stated.

Under PM Narendra Modi’s leadership, India, has turned out to be the pharmacy of the world, and the country has so far supplied nearly 5.51 crore COVID vaccines to the 62 world countries, he added.

"At a time of global crisis, under the leadership of Modi Ji, India has emerged as an example to the world in international cooperation," read a quote from his statement made earlier.

"It was Modi ji's insistence that COVID-19 vaccines should be provided with no strings attached, and the countries without the vaccine supply should not be taken advantage of at the time of a global humanitarian crisis," he stated.

While highlighting the possibility of the total removal of covid-19 infections in the country, Mr. Vardhan stated, "We are in the end game of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, and to succeed at this stage, we need to follow 3 steps: Keep politics out of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, trust the science behind COVID-19 vaccines, and ensure our near and dear ones get vaccinated on time."

The government of India has already asked the private players to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination drive, and if the hospitals wish they can even undertake a vaccination program 24x7, the minister stated.

"My request to everyone is that just like people embraced '' the Jan Andolan for the COVID-19-appropriate demeanor," they should embrace Jan Andolan for COVID-19 vaccination and get all COVID-19 vaccine shots whenever they are eligible," he stated.

Union health minister Harsh Vardhan was honored by the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) for his immense contribution to the country’s medical fraternity and outstanding work at the times of the covid pandemic, said the health ministry in its statement.

Healthcare workers (HCWs) and the frontline workers, not in the room alone, but all across India, rose to this occasion and also sacrificed not their family time alone but also their emotional as well as physical health for their beloved country, said Mr. Harsh Vardhan.


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