India to buy US armed drones

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India To Purchase First Armed Drones From The US

India is all set to buy drones from the U.S. Get the details…

Wednesday, 10th March 2021

India has currently planned to purchase nearly 30 well-equipped, armed drones from the U.S. in order to strengthen its sea as well as land defense systems as uproar and tensions with the neighboring countries like China as well as Pakistan as per officials who know the details of the case.

The South Asian country is likely to sanction in the coming month 30 MQ-9B Predator drones worth $3 billion. These drones are manufactured by General Atomics, a San Diego-based company, officials reported. This purchase, they believe, will definitely add to the military capabilities of the country. The existing drones with the country are capable of only reconnaissance and surveillance. India is gradually turning out to be the U.S’s strategic partner in the domain of defense particularly with regard to curbing the influence of China on the Indian Ocean and also on certain areas of Southeast Asia. PM Modi led government has found itself amid a 10-year long, $250 billion worth military modernization.

The local media has informed that Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Defense Secretary is likely to visit India later this month. Also, it has been informed that Joe Biden, the president too will associate with the various counterparts from India, Australia, and Japan in the first-ever meet of the "Quad" bloc.

The leaders are likely to meet virtually on the 12th of March, as per an announcement made through the website of the Indian government. In the announcement, it has been said that discussion would take place on the themes of climatic change, maritime security, and supply chains.

The MQ-9B drone is capable of flying for nearly 48 hours and bearing 1700 kilograms of payload. With the help of this drone the Indian Navy will acquire the power to monitor the Chinese warships in a better way over the southern Indian Ocean, and empower the army for engaging goals along the disputed border between India and Pakistan set in the Himalayas.

The previous year, the country had leased two MQ-9 unarmed Predators as the tensions at the Indo-China border threatened to take the shape of a full-blown, mammoth conflict. But ultimately their deployment did not take place after the Indian Air Force revealed it apprehension about the drones being manned by personnel from the U.S. hovering along the border.

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