NIA raids in Delhi, Kerala, and Karnataka

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NIA Carries Out Searches across Multiple Locations in Major Crackdown on Islamic States Modules

NIA Search Operation: Get the details

Monday, 15th March 2021

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted a series of raids at various points across the states of Delhi, Kerala, and Karnataka. According to sources, this was a major clampdown on the Islamic States (IS) modules.

As per NIA sources, the investigative officials are carrying out their searches in seven different locations in Delhi, Karnataka, and Kerala.

The multiple agency sleuths are carrying out their searches in the Jafrabad area in Delhi along with two different locations in the Karnataka capital. In Kerala, they are doing the searches in four different locations including in areas of Kochi and Kunoor.

As per the NIA source, they have managed to already apprehend five persons and further investigation is still underway.

The officials have traced links of these arrested individuals with certain elements based in Pakistan, through social media. They were being given online training according to sources and were getting persuaded to carry out their attacks on a local level. It has also come to light that a section of the impressionable Muslim youth has been targeted directly by Pakistan and inciting them.

The raids have been conducted after the registration of a new case with the agency nearly 48 hours ago. The body has about 6 – 7 people on their radar who were under the scanner for some time for their foul activities and were also being monitored by intelligence agencies.

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