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Kamaraj, the Zomato delivery boy files complaint against the Bengaluru woman

Zomato delivery boy retorts by lodging a counter complaint against the woman who accused him of hitting her; learn more…

Tuesday, 16th March 2021

The social media of late was abuzz with the news of the Zomato delivery agent hitting a lady customer on her nose and injuring her and the netizens were all sympathizing with the customer and criticizing the delivery agent and the company he is employed in for such rude and violent behavior. But, now another version of the story has come up in which the woman has been portrayed in a negative light while the delivery boy is portrayed as a humble ‘sorry’ figure. This all has occurred after the man had filed a counter-complaint against the woman. Read on to learn in detail about the story’s second version and the impact it has created…


The delivery agent from Zomato who was charged with the misdeed of assaulting a Bengaluru woman has from his side lodged a complaint against the woman with the same police station where that woman had lodged a case against the Zomato delivery boy a couple of days back.


Hitesha Chandranee, who is a content creator, had brought the allegations against the Zomato boy saying that the boy had attacked her. Hitesha had also posted videos in support of her story where we get to see her with a bleeding nose.


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The name of the accused Zomato delivery boy is Kamaraj, He had been arrested and had also been released from imprisonment on bail. Currently, he is suspended by his company ‘Zomato’ and a police case is running against him.


Hitesha Chandranee had revealed through the video that the delivery of the order placed by her was delayed. The delivery boy punched her on the nose while she was complaining about the delayed delivery to a customer care executive of Zomato. The delivery left the spot right away after the misdeed while Hitesha was left bleeding.


Speaking to the NDTV journalists, Mr. Kamaraj, the accused, denied the charges brought against him. He, in fact, claimed that the woman had abused him verbally, had tried to hit him with shoes, and in the process had hurt herself accidentally. He further claimed that he had sincerely apologized to her for the delay and had given her the option to return the order after speaking to his company Zomato. However, the woman refused to do so.


But the woman, Hitesha Chandranee, 31, in her turn, said that she never initiated with abuses and that he was actually very rude first. "It was my reaction out of fear. I panicked. It was in the heat of the moment, it was not intentional," she told to NDTV.


So, there are two versions to this story and each one is making the rounds in social media. Each story is currently under investigation.


After the lodging of the counter-complaint by the delivery agent, a police case has been registered under sections 341, 355, and 504 of the Indian Penal Code against that woman. The woman has been considered guilty of wrongful restraint, criminal assault with the intent to dishonor a person, and of criminal intimidation.


Zomato Company has declared that it is considering both the story versions, is looking forward to the investigations, and is waiting for "both sides of the story to come to light".

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