Manoj Bajpayee on battling COVID-19

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Manoj Bajpayee talks about his Covid-19 infection

Actor Manoj Bajpayee tells the media about what it is like to be infected with Covid-19, learn more

Wednesday, 17th March 2021

Actor Manoj Bajpayee had recently tested COVID-19 positive. However, the actor has informed that he is right now recovering but slowly. The actor stated that it is very necessary for each one to abide by the protocols pertaining to COVID-19 and must always wear the mask. The actor had virtually joined his upcoming movie… Silence… Can You Hear It’s trailer launch on this Tuesday.


“I am quarantined because of being infected by coronavirus. I was infected because someone else was not following the rule,” Manoj told to the media people who were present at the movie’s trailer launch.


While sharing his experience of shooting for a movie in the times of the pandemic, the actor said, “There are no issues if COVID-19 protocols are followed. The production house made sure that everyone followed the COVID-19 protocol. There is a limitation (with the new normal) but we have to get used to it. We could complete the film only because we followed the protocol. Of course, it takes time to adjust. Sanitizers and masks have become part of our life. But we have to continue working.”


Talking about the Covid-19 symptoms he was suffering from, the actor said that he is currently resting but often gets impatient with his bad headaches. “You cannot sit at a place for a long time. You feel weak, you have headaches and many other discomforts. Because of my symptoms, I am mostly sleeping or resting. I suffer from bad headaches. Even right now, while talking to you, I can feel the headache getting worse,” said Manoj Bajpayee expecting that “no one gets infected with the coronavirus.”


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In the movie ‘Silence Can You Hear It’ Manoj acts in the role of a short-tempered cop who is working on solving a complex murder-mystery. Manoj has actually tried the whodunnit acting genre.


When queried if there’s any particular role or acting genre left for him to try, Manoj Bajpayee said that “the world is full of stories” In his opinion.


“You are never short of stories but short of choices. The world is full of stories. There are billions of people, which means there are billions of characters waiting for us to be played. If there are choices, I will be happy to do anything that interests me at that point of time. Having said that, you can never say that you are done as an actor,” said the actor. He also added that he thinks that “acting is a tricky craft.”


“Just when you think you have got it right, it surprises you with the amount of depth it exposes you with. Suddenly, it tells you that you are not efficient enough to tackle a particular role. So, one is always learning (in the profession) about the nuances of the craft and is constantly evolving as a person as well as an actor because, for me, the two are connected. For me, it (acting) is a very difficult craft.”


Manoj Bajpayee was loud in praise for his movie ‘Silence… Can You Hear It’. The movie also co-stars actors like Prachi Desai and Arjun Mathur. He stated that new budding talents like those young actors inspire him to perform better. “If you see a talent that has done better than you, you (as an actor) feel motivated. One such talent is Arjun Mathur. And when you see an actor like Prachi (Desai), who has done so much work yet walks in on a set as a newcomer, you feel humbled. So, there is still so much to learn, to be inspired from. I can go on talking about the craft of acting. It is humbling, you always feel humble and incomplete and as if you have not done anything,” concluded the actor.


On the work front, the movie ‘Silence… Can You Hear It’ of Manoj is all set to release on the 26th of March. The movie is to premier on the channel ZEE5. He is furthermore waiting for ‘The Family Man season 2’’s release.


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