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2021 WB Assembly Election: Mamata Banerjee may wash hands off another veteran of the party in the coming week

East Midnapore’s Adhikari Family is likely to switch political sides…learn more…

Thursday, 18th March 2021

Suvendu Adhikari, the candidate of the BJP party from Nandigram, the hot seat of West Bengal on this Wednesday declared that Sisir Adhikari, his father who is basically an MP of the Trinamool party will be attending the rally of PM Modi on the 24th of March at Kanthi, a city in the Purba Midnapur district, the home district of the Adhikari family.

"Before that, on the 21st of March, I will send my father to Amit Shah's rally as well," announced Suvendu Adhikari at a meeting.

Sisir Adhikari, Suvendu’s father has been a member of the Trinamool Congress Party since its very inception. But after his son Suvendu switched the sides, he was rather indecisive regarding his support for Mamata Banerjee, CM.

That paved the way for an outburst in which he stated that he did not actually have the knowledge of whether he was at all in the Trinamool Party or not.

"Who said I am in Trinamool? Does Trinamool say so? Ever since Suvendu left the party, they have been abusing my family, my forefathers. A gentleman is coming from Kolkata and calling Suvendu a Mir Jafar, a traitor. I don't know if I am in Trinamool anymore," said Mr. Adhikari at Kanthi on this Wednesday while he departed from his home for the 2nd covid vaccine shot. He is now 80 years of age.

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Regarding Mamata Banerjee, the WB CM, Mr. Adhikari was significantly acerbic. "Since Suvendu has left the party, she has come here after him to uproot him. What she is doing here... is an embarrassment, for the district, for the people of Nandigram," he stated.

"A few days ago, she said she was attacked. Some people protested and she said, no, the door of the car hit me. What kind of injury did she get? What kind of doctors are they? A little push and they put her in plaster and a wheelchair?" he remarked.

"Someone told me the other day the exact same thing had happened in a movie. So, what to do. We are sitting and watching cinema," Sisir Adhikari stated.

When asked whether he would be going to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's rally, he uttered, "If there is an opportunity, I will certainly go to the Prime Minister's rally. I don't see any problem with that."

Now, that he got his Covid vaccination shots, Mr. Adhikari informed that he was in a mind to move out as well as campaign for Suvendu, his son if his son wished him to do so.

The Trinamool Party has dismissed what they say is so-called inevitable. "Sisir Adhikari is 80 years old. At this age, he could have retained some dignity and not become a 'dal badlu'. His distance from the party was inevitable and won't make any difference to TMC," remarked Sougata Roy, Trinamool Congress MP.

Comments made by Mr. Adhikari have catapulted speculation that he might join hands with the BJP party. Soumendu, his youngest son, has already taken that step. Soumendu, a Trinamool Party Member has was dropped previously this year from the designation of the chairman of Kanthi Municipal Board.

However, Dibyendu, another son of Adhikari who too is Trinamool Party MP, hasn’t yet joined BJP.

The entire Adhikari family’s loyalty to any one political party is now a big question mark.

Now, a question mark is hanging over the entire family's allegiance. The roots of the Adhikari family are in the district of East Midnapore where the family naturally has a kind of traditional hold. A commendable history of active participation in the struggle for freedom also backs the family. If all the family members of the Adhikari family switch their political loyalties, there’s actually no particular saying as to how the fortunes of the Trinamool political party would be influenced by this, opined the political observers.

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