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Maharashtra records the highest single day rise in coronavirus cases yesterday since the beginning of the pandemic

COVID Infection second peak...experienced by the state of Maharashtra

Friday, 19th March 2021

Maharashtra: According to the latest figures in Maharashtra, there has been a single-day spike of 25,833 fresh coronavirus cases on Thursday. This is so far the highest single-day number logged ever since the pandemic started.

Mumbai also recorded 2,788 cases on the same day, which to is the highest ever for the city since the onset of the pandemic.

The health ministry had said earlier on Thursday that the state of Maharashtra is the biggest contributor to the country’s overall active caseload, which is almost sixty percent of it.

Maharashtra’s first Covid-19 case was reported last year in March, after which the strength soon picked up speed until by September they recorded almost 1 lakh cases in a week. However, around the end of last year, the state had seen a gradual decline in the number of daily cases.

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The state is again reporting a surge in its total coronavirus caseload which according to experts is predominantly due to the resuming of train services and an overall laxness in following strict measures to contain the spread of the infection.

With the new surge, Maharashtra becomes the axis point of the second peak of the virus. There has been a subsequent rise in the number of deaths due to the virus as well, with 58 deaths recorded on Thursday.

The government in the state led by Uddhav Thackeray is reluctant in giving out details about which are the hotspot locations. Despite a lack of data, there are fears among experts that the sharp rise in figures could be a cause of multiple strains of the mutated virus that might be at play here.

Meanwhile, as a step to curb the further spread of the virus, the administrative body in the Nanded district of Maharashtra has passed an announcement that all places of worship there will be kept shut to the public until March 31, according to a district official. The state government has also curbed all social, cultural, and religious gatherings in an effort to stall the spread.

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