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Maharashtra Alliance to Meet On Anil Deshmukh Corruption Case

Anil Deshmukh Corruption Case: Get the updates

Monday, 22nd March 2021

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray holds complete authority in making a decision on the ongoing inquiry into allegations of corruption that has been leveled against Home Minister Anil Deshmukh by former Mumbai police chief Param Bir Singh, according to ally Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar.

Pawar also said that the alliance leaders are to meet at the national capital today where they will come to a decision on Deshmukh. He told the press what needs to be “looked into” is the “timing of these allegations” against Deshmukh by Singh, who levied them soon after he was transferred over lapses in the Mukesh Ambani security scare probe.

Here are the Top points in this big story:

  • Singh contended in his letter to the CM that the Home Minister was guilty of corruption and interfered with police work. He also mentioned in his letter that several officers were pushed into an extortion racket.
  • Pawar said, “Allegations against the Home minister are serious.  There were allegations that Home Minister had directed the police to collect 100 crores. There is no information on the actual transaction of money. No Information on any money being transferred to the Home Minister or his staff.”
  • The NCP supremo also suggested the CM holds an impartial investigation into the allegations and also that former chief of police Julio Riberio must be assigned to conduct it as Riberio’s reputation is such that “no one can interfere or influence his investigation.”
  • Jayant Patil, Maharashtra minister, and NCP's state unit chief asserted in his statement that there is “no question” of removing Deshmukh and added that Singh’s allegations came after the CM and Home Minister “decided to take a tough stand.”
  • Pawar went on to state that all efforts at subverting the alliance of Shiv Sena – NCP – Congress alliance in the state would be rendered useless and there would be no impact of the Police chief’s contention over the MVA government, which, he proclaimed is all set to complete its five- year term.
  • Several demonstrations held by the BJP in Nagpur, Mumbai, and Pune called for an immediate unseating of Deshmukh from his position of power.

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