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On the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, experts speak about his ideology

Experts comment on the ideology of Bhagat Singh, praising the farsightedness of the freedom fighter

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

As the country observes the martyrdom day of well-known freedom fighter Bhagat Singh this Tuesday, experts working on Bhagat Singh’s life as well as writings said that the issues selected up by Singh many decades back hold their relevance even on this day across India.


“Bhagat Singh did not merely wish to free India from colonial bondage but dreamed of independent India, which would be egalitarian and secular,” stated Prof Jagmohan Singh, nephew of Bhagat Singh who is also the chairperson of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Centenary Foundation and also Democratic Rights Association’s General Secretary. Prof. Jagmohan Singh had worked dedicatedly towards highlighting the martyr’s true ideology and philosophy,


He stated that in the month of June, Year 1928 issue of the journal named ‘Kirti’, the Journal brought out by the Kirti Kisan Sabha, published from Punjab's Amritsar, freedom fighter Bhagat Singh penned down two articles. The articles were titled as Sampradayik Dange Aur Unka Ilaj (Communal riots and their solutions) and Achoot Ka Sawaal (Question of Untouchability).


What freedom fighter Bhagat Singh had written in the year 1928 seems to be relevant even on this day when we get to witness so many communal riots countrywide, added he.


“Let it be known that Bhagat Singh and his companions carried forward the revolutionary nationalism of Aurbindo Ghosh, Sardar Ajit Singh, and Gadar revolutionaries and had very distinct views of organizing society on equality and fraternity along with liberty from social evils like communalism and casteism. Whereas today the Centre government led by BJP stands for Hindu nationalism against the secular culture of the country and tends to act for the benefits corporates,” stated Prof Jagmohan.


One of the trustees of the Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall in the city of Jalandhar, Gurmit Singh, said: “Bhagat Singh had diagnosed that inequality in the society can never bring real freedom and advocated a socialist way of working where everyone has equal rights to work and earn. He wrote about the universal brotherhood and this is what our farmers’ protest is representing where farmers are being treated just as farmers and not as individuals belonging to any religion.”


“He was aware that when the government and government systems fail to solve the issues of the people they adopt tactics to divide them on the name of religion and caste and the same is happening today,” commented another expert. Communal riots were a kind of conspiracy made use of by the then ruling British to create a rift between the people of the country and a similar kind of thing is taking place in free India today, he added.


Gurmeet Singh said while explaining the matter that despite owning the right to equality as one of our fundamental rights, a huge number of grievances and complaints are registered by the National Commission for Scheduled Caste each year regarding the atrocities against the Dalits.


Bhagat Singh as well as his fellow mates wrote that “by revolution we mean the end of the miseries of capitalist wars,” stated Prof Singh, adding further that still the country’s common man is grappling with various sorts of miseries and also millions of people of the country are living a life below the line of poverty having no accurate means to draw an income and for such people, freedom is actually nowhere.


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