Random Covid test at Delhi

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Random Covid Testing at the Delhi Airport, the Railway Station; No Public celebrations of Holi

Delhi trying its best to check the virus’s second wave…learn more…

Wednesday, 24th March 2021

Random Coronavirus testing will be carried out across the bus stands, railway stations, and airports of the national capital of Delhi, declared the government of Delhi on this Tuesday in the midst of a surge in the rate of covid infections that has been held as the virus’s emergent second infectious wave. A strict bar was further imposed on the celebrations of the festivities of upcoming festivals like Holi, Navratra, and Shab-e-Barat as such celebration could attract a huge crowd of people thereby leading to the nullification of social distancing rules.

The government stated that the safety protocols for Covid-19 infection should be followed rigorously in the public spots, especially in the market areas and the malls in order to curb the rapid spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The government of Delhi observed that random covid testing shall also be undertaken at the boarding stops for the private buses that remain crowded most of the time. The government of Delhi has ordered the senior police officers as well as the district magistrates of all the districts to abide by the instructions strictly.

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As per the government directive "Random testing of travellers coming from states where corona infection is spreading very fast" must be done. In other words, the government of Delhi is indeed playing a very dominant and active role in preventing the rapid spreading of the coronavirus infection.

The per-day Covid surge in the country capital of Delhi has gone beyond 1,000 – across a span of the past 24 hours, 1,101 new covid cases were recorded. The daily covid cases were high to this extent on the 19th of December last when the city of Delhi had logged about 1, 139 new coronavirus cases.

Four covid patients have expired in the past 24 hours, thereby taking the toll to 10,967.

The active covid case numbers have gone beyond 4,000 -- the exact numerical figure is 4,411. This is actually the highest number of net covid active cases since the 6th of January when about 4,481 active covid cases were recorded.

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Experts of public health are of the opinion that the virus’s resurgence – held as the emergent 2nd infection wave of the Covid-19 infection in the country -- was actually triggered partly by the mutant forms of the coronavirus and also due to the laxity in adhering to the safety measures such as using masks and maintaining social distancing.

As of this Tuesday, the net number of covid infections with the nations of Brazil, UK, and South African variants in our country is at 795, declares the stats obtained from the office of the Union Health Ministry.

Civic authorities in the country’s business capital, Mumbai imposed a bar on the Holi celebrations in both private as well as the public on this Tuesday as the case surge across the last 24 hrs has gone beyond crossed 3,500. The Centre stated that the vaccinations of all who are over 45 years of age will commence from the 1st of April.

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