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CSK States There Has Been No Request by Moeen Ali to Remove Logo

Kasi Vishwanathan says that no logo removal request had come from Moeen Ali...get the details...

Tuesday, 6th April 2021

April 6, 2021

Reports that English all-rounder Moeen Ali requested for the removal of a logo from his jersey, have been dismissed by Chennai Super Kings CEO Kasi Vishwanathan on Monday who stated that no such requests had been made.

It was alleged that Moeen Ali had put in a request to the management of CSK to get rid of a particular sponsor logo from his match uniform as it clashed with his faith’s ban on alcohol. Reports also suggested that the franchise’s management had given in to the request and had agreed to having the logo removed from his jersey.

“It was misquoted and nobody has raised that point,” Vishwanathan told the press. He added, “Not even the player and neither have we spoken about it and no request was made to remove any such logo.”

Moeen Ali follows the Islam faith and as a practicing Muslim does not sport the logo of any alcohol brand even when he plays for his own country or any other domestic side.

The CSK jersey features the logo of a SNJ Distillers beer brand, a firm based out of Chennai, SNJ 10000.

In the last season of the Indian Premier League, Moeen Ali had been associated with another South Indian team, The Royal Challengers Bangalore. This season however, will see the player from England, in yellow as he will play from the CSK side. He has been picked up by the Chennai team for 7 crores.

Ali has been heard expressing his excitement of playing under the leadership former Indian captain, MS Dhoni and his ability to remain calm under pressure and help players become better cricketers.

According to the CSK website, he said, “I’ve spoken to players who have played under MS and they tell me how he improves their game. I believe a great captain does that.”

Ali also added, “I think what differentiates CSK from other teams is actually how they structure everything — from the squad they have to the way they do things. They look a very calm franchise that doesn’t panic, I think it’s something on every player’s wish list to play under MS. I think it’s the confidence and the clarity he gives people. It’s exciting.”

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