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Tuesday, 6th April 2021

According to critical and expert consensus, the health of men lags far behind the health of women. It is often believed by many that men die sooner than women. But, what does the research say?

Recently, through a Special Feature Study, the health risks men are exposed to have been researched deeply. Also, data has been furnished to study the causes of death in men and how ethnicity and age can determine the triggers for mortality in men.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has informed that heart disease is the leading cause of death in men across all ethnicities and age groups as per a 2017 data analysis by the organization. However, to get a clear picture, it is imperative to cast a glance at the stats broken down on the basis of ethnicity and age as this alters the landscape significantly enough.

While heart or cardiac diseases may be the most common cause of male mortality at large, accidents hold the top position with respect to the cause of deaths in males, for those under the age of 45 years. In men between the age groups of 45 yrs and 85 yrs, the cause of mortality in men is cancer. For men who are aged 85 years and more, heart disease is the primary cause of mortality.

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In men under the age of 45 years, death by suicide holds second place as a cause of death while in men between the age groups of 45 years and 64 years, it is the 6th most common cause of mortality. In men over the age of 65 years, suicide is not one of the 10 commonest causes of death.

The 3rd most common mortality cause in men below the age of 20 years is homicide. Between the age groups of 20 years and 44 years, homicide holds the fourth position as the cause of death in men, while for men beyond 45 years of age; homicide does not come within the top 10 causes of death for men.

While the breakup of the data based on ethnicity presents heart disease again as the leading cause of death for men across all age groups, followed by cancer except for the Pacific or Asian Islanders where it is actually the opposite.

The 3rd most common mortality cause for men is accidents, except for the Pacific or Asian Islanders, where the mortality cause is stroke.

In the fourth position, the mortality causes become more diverse. For men in general, as well as for the white men as one of the subgroups, the cause of mortality is chronic lower respiratory tract diseases. For the Black men, the mortality cause is homicide, while for the American Indian men or the Alaska Native men, the mortality cause is diabetes, for Pacific or the Asian Islander men, the mortality cause is accidents, and for the Hispanic men, the mortality cause is stroke.

Suicide occupies the eighth position for the Pacific or Asian Islander and the white men, occupies the sixth position for the American Indians or the Alaska Native men, and occupies the seventh position for the Hispanic men. Suicide does not fall within the 10 most common causes of death for Black men.

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