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Flipkart in Partnership with Mahindra Logistics for Deployment of EVs in Last Mile deliveries

Flipkart joins hands with Mahindra Logistics for EV-based product deliveries...learn more...

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

We are living in an era of the internet and e-commerce. People are heavily relying on various e-commerce hubs for their shopping needs. In such a scenario, the e-commerce platforms are doing their best to improve their services and maximize their customer-centricity.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that the renowned E-commerce giant of the country; Flipkart has recently joined hands with Mahindra Logistics to fast-track last-mile deliveries with the use of electric vehicles. The company plans to deploy more than 25,000 EVs in their fleet by 2030 in order to give their customers super fast delivery of the ordered products.

Meanwhile, the logistics division of the Mahindra Group is already making use of such vehicles in an electric last-mile delivery service called EDEL in six different cities.

According to a regulatory filing, Mahindra Logistics will have a major role to play in working in close coordination with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in order to assist Flipkart in its transition to the use of EVs.

Flipkart too is already working in sync with various OEMs and has come up with two and three-wheeler electric vehicles in its supply chain segment.

Its decision to form an alliance with Mahindra Logistics EDEL is only a means to give a further push to the momentum and take the deployment to an all- India level and is aimed at enhancing the quality of their services. Moreover, the partnership between Flipkart and Mahindra Logistics will give Flipkart access to sophisticated infrastructure as well as additional technical support and features including charging, tracking, asset, safety, and cost.

As per the filing, Flipkart’s plans to have a smooth and seamless, phased transition into the EVs for its supply chain on a pan India scale, will be aptly facilitated by EDEL’s sturdy system already in place in the cities of India like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. They also have additional plans to extend the service to include the top- 20 Indian cities by the end of this year.

Rampraveen Swaminathan, CEO and MD, Mahindra Logistics said, “Our focus is on expanding our network based on our deep partnership with large enterprise customers.”

Flipkart’s endeavour to create a green supply chain will be fuelled by Mahindra Logistics through EDEL by building supporting infrastructure and technology such as charging stations and parking lots, training and streamlining the workforce, route planning, and battery-swapping stations in the coming days.

“Electrification of the logistics fleet is an important part of Flipkart’s larger sustainability goal and a key focus area for the company. We are happy to have Mahindra Logistics on board as a logistics partner who will play a major role in helping us achieve our vision of making our logistics fleet fully electric by 2030,” said Hemant Badri, SVP Supply Chain, Flipkart Group.

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