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Thalapathy Vijay rides to the election booth on bicycle & gets mobbed!

Thalapathy Vijay’s quirky way to reach the voting booth…get more facts…

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

The 2021 elections in the state of Tamil Nadu are underway and the voting booths have opened up for all. Numerous celebs are heading towards their nearest booth to cast their vote and trying their best to be responsible citizens by voting even during the pandemic times.


Thalapathy Vijay, the celebrated Tamil actor, also headed to the election booth to cast his vote and for his conveyance he chose a bicycle. The scene of Thalapathy Vijay riding a bicycle to reach the election booth drove the fans of the actor as well as the media totally crazy and they literally chased the actor to catch a glimpse of him on bicycle and click photos of the actor. Vijay had indeed adopted a rather quirky mode of transportation to reach the election booth and that attracted all the eyeballs.

The actor who is but a celebrity and is used to living a luxurious life presented himself in a casual and simple avatar by riding a bicycle across the streets down to the both. The actor was also seen wearing a mask as he rode the bicycle. The security personnel of the actor too rode in bikes and bicycles around the actor to make sure crowds didn’t break upon him.

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The paparazzi soon learnt about his unique way to reach the election booth, they soon started  following the actor and had a wonderful day clicking as many pictures as they could of the actor on bicycle. The internet is now all flooded with the photos taken and the videos shot by the paparazzi and that way Thalapathy Vijay definitely generated an impactful uproar for his fans and followers.


However, in one of the videos posted later on the internet we can see the actor mobbed heavily as he reaches the election booth. Crowds poured in hundreds, jostling amongst each other to catch sight of the handsome and happening actor and that actually mobbed the actor making it pretty difficult for the actor to move through them. This clearly shows how the popularity and fanfare an actor enjoys can also have a slip side.


However, soon after this bicycle riding episode, speculation sparked amongst his fans and followers and the media on whether the actor wished to convey a message regarding the fuel prices by opting for a bicycle ride to reach the voting booth. Later his team explained that he had no such intention.


As far as his work front is concerned, actor Thalapathy Vijay was seen last in the movie Master alongside actor Vijay Sethupathi. The movie had been a super duper hit and a huge success at the box-office despite the fact that the movie was released amid pandemic in the month of January.


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