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Amit Shah Talks about the BJP’s Impending Victory in the Several Indian States

BJP’s victory is guaranteed in certain states of the country, opines Amit Shah

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke on a plethora of issues in a recent interview. Here is an excerpt of it.

How is it shaping up for the BJP party in the state of West Bengal?

Amit Shah is positive about the situation in Bengal where he hopes to will more than 200 seats, a victory he proclaims, that will be bigger than the 2017 UP win. He stated that the people there are up for change now and have full “faith” in the leadership of PM Modi.

He said however, they have not decided on a candidate for Bengal CM yet.

How do you plan to curb the illegal immigration?

He cited the case of Assam and said they have made it work there. In West Bengal, he said there is “rampant corruption”, “no political will” and a need to make the system work right from the district collector downwards.

What’s your view on inducting the professionals?

Shah said there are many professionals who have made their contributions in specific fields, this time around that are contesting the elections. Their offering will be beneficial for the party and the government and hence, they are being given the space to join politics, if interested.

What about the current situation in Assam?

Amit Shah declared that in the state of Assam there will be an NDA government under BJP with a clear majority. He considers Congress’ alliance with Badruddin Ajmal a grave mistake as the locals there will not take it in good stride and will take sides with the BJP inevitably.

He also believes, that after decades of insurgencies, the state finally experience peace in the last five years with infiltrations almost stopped and a huge number of insurgents joining the mainstream having laid down their arms. Shah also said that there have been several development projects undertaken by the government including roads and bridges, welfare schemes for tea garden workers, etc. All these have worked for the party, as per Shah.

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What about the BJP political party’s prospects down South?

Shah has a positive outlook with regards to Tamil Nadu and Puducherry especially with regard to their allies there. In the state of Kerala too, he said the people are dissatisfied with the LDF and UDF and the BJP is likely to “break the dominance” and “emerge as a third pillar”.

BJP has promised 33% reservation for women in jobs in West Bengal. Do you plan to replicate this in other states?

Shah answers in the negative and states that this provision is only for West Bengal where women have undergone atrocities for many years now.

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