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Salman Khan’s Latest Film Radhe Might Suffer Postponement to Eid 2022 if Covid-19 Situation Worsens

Worsening pandemic situation may defer the release of ‘Radhe’, Salman Khan’s latest movie until 2022 Eid...get the details

Thursday, 8th April 2021

Bollywood actor Salman Khan had a crucial message for his fans and followers. He said if people did not follow the governmental guidelines to check the spread of the deadly coronavirus, they might have to wait a whole year for the release of his next film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

With an alarming surge in the number of daily Covid-19 cases in the country, several states have decided to adopt more stringent steps to check the spread of the virus. The Maharashtra state government has imposed a partial lockdown in the state for that purpose. Earlier this week, they imposed night curfew and also weekend lockdown for containing the virus’s spread. The restrictions will continue till April 30.

Actor Salman Khan talked about the much-awaited film and said, “We were going to release Radhe, we still are trying our best to release it on Eid. But if the lockdown continues, we might have to push it to next Eid. But if it opens up, (and) the cases (drop) and people do take care of themselves. (If) they wear their masks and keep their social distance, and take good care of themselves. (If they) Don't go out, don't break any of these laws (Covid-19 rules) that the government has put on us right now, I think this will die off really soon.”

Salman Khan also added that Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai will release this Eid if the Coronavirus situation slackens and continues to worsen. However, if the covid cases continue to surge and government imposed lockdowns continue, it will not only affect the date of release of his film but also affect several daily-wage workers who will be thrown out of employment due to continued lockdown.

He said, “it will not only be a problem for theatre-owners but also the daily wage workers. It is just going to be a really bad one, like it was earlier,” and urged people to follow rules and adhere to guidelines before the virus “kills us all.”

Movie theatres and malls also have been closed down under the new guidelines in the state of Maharashtra.

The film, said Salman, had already been postponed from last Eid to this Eid due to the covid pandemic. He added that he is confident that the movie will do well as “it has been made well” but is concerned about the health of people especially those with underlying medical conditions.

Salman Khan was attending the book launch of actor Kabir Bedi’s memoir, Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Journey of an Actor.

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