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Epic Reality Travel App for travelers to Dubai: All you need to know

An incredible travel app to help travelers travel safely in Dubai has just arrived…learn more…

Friday, 9th April 2021

Traveling to Dubai? Well, just pack your bags and get going…Dubai is now a safe place to travel to even in the times of Covid as the tourists to Dubai can now make use of an app to go around the city safely, get knowledge about the city’s traveler-safety zones and the risky ones. An UAE-based firm has designed this incredible app referred to as Epic Reality to guide the first-time travelers to Dubai and help them navigate through the city by passing the covid-risk belts of the city. The app is likely to be a travel app powered with the AR technology and is aimed at allowing visitors to Dubai to explore the city in a hassle-free way.


Reportedly, the Epic Reality application will also be offering the necessary critical info about the COVID health-related precautions, including the policies related to dress code and facial wear, the practices and do’s and don’ts pertaining to social distancing, temperature checking, and more. The data is likely to be collected and put together from the latest international sources of data, such as WHO


Also, through this app, the visitors can browse through the listing of the fun activities, the events in the city, the restaurants in the city, the sightseeing locations, the best bars and pubs in the city, the cafeterias in the city, the travel tours available in the city and furthermore, learn about each of the venues in details to make sure they are at a safe place in the course of their Dubai tour.

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The app is likely to be a one-stop travel application allowing the users to reap the benefits of a 360-degree rotation during their search and explore the many unexplored, unknown, and hidden scenes and sights around them. The use of augmented reality technology in the app allows the display of the latitude, longitude, altitude, and distance of any particular location in the city. Tourists can easily download this travel app on reaching Dubai and soon the services supported by the app will be made accessible and available throughout UAE.


While talking about this amazing app, Co-founder of Epic Reality, Mr. Ahmad Daneshvar stated

 that the company is very happy to be able to assist the travelers with their Dubai travel, to help the travelers travel in a risk-free, safe manner by allowing them to stay well-informed about the health and safety measures available in the city.


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