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5 Tips to help children with autism spectrum disorder get good sleep

Top methods to initiate sleep in children with autism…learn in details…

Wednesday, 14th April 2021

More than 50%-80% of children suffering from the autism spectrum health disorder have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep all through the night. It may take many hours for them to fall asleep and also they may wake up several times amid sleep and start playing or crying. Insufficient sleep during the night time can lead to hyperactivity, irritability, behavioral challenges and can even interfere with their learning abilities and diminish the quality of their life on the whole.

The rate of sleep disorders is especially high in the case of children with repetitive and limited behaviors like hand-flapping, rocking, etc, coupled with sensory issues and anxiety. These issues need the attention of an expert.

Watching games or shows that are violent or frightening, can cause troubled sleep or trouble falling asleep.


If the kid is having a lengthy screen time prior to his or her bedtime, it can disturb the secretion of the hormone called melatonin thereby making it difficult for the kid to fall asleep. Parents need to provide info about the bedtime, the wake-up-time, the daytime as well as nighttime routines and habits of the kid to detect the cause of the sleep cycle disturbance.

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There are many ways through which parents can make a child sleep better. Establishing sound sleep hygiene by application of the tips and strategies listed below can help. Read on to learn more:

Healthy sleep environment

A dark, quiet environment will promote sleep in children suffering from ASD. Children with the issue generally are highly sensitive to light and noise. Thus, a proper environment needs to be adopted to help this environment.

Healthy bedtime routine

A healthy bedtime routine can help the child fall asleep. A healthy routine should consist of listening to some soft music or reading a storybook prior to sleep. Also, a bath with lukewarm water or simple feet bath can relax your child and help him or her sleep better. Try to minimize their exposure to video games, TV, and computer prior to sleep as that may disrupt the cycle of melatonin secretion delaying the start of sleep.

Sleep and Wake-up schedules

You must make your child go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day. Too many changes in the sleep and wake-up schedules can disrupt the child’s sleep cycle.


Encourage your child to do some exercises regularly during the daytime. That’ll help your child to expend the excess energy thereby calming him or her down. But make sure the exercise time is never near to the bedtime of your child.

No caffeinated and carbonated beverages

Don’t give your child much of caffeinated or carbonated beverages especially prior to sleep as these beverages come with a stimulatory impact that can cause delays in falling asleep.

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