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Gained weight over the night? Learn Why

Friday, 16th April 2021

Has it ever happened to you that you found yourself a kilo more on the scales the next morning after waking up from sleep? Yes, overnight weight gain is nothing unusual. It happens for many but can be avoided if the causes of it are detected. But, in most cases, people who experience overnight weight gain panic a lot, become confused, and also frustrated. Loss of confidence and stress over overnight weight gain often proves to be detrimental for one’s overall weight loss journey.  Pooja Makhija, celebrity nutritionist explains why and how overnight weight gain happens.

The cause of one’s sudden weight fluctuations the next morning is hidden in certain things that occurred the previous night. Reflecting on those occurrences will let you find the cause of the sudden overnight weight gain and the solution for the issue.

Nutritionist Makhija very recently had addressed the issue of overnight weight gain via Instagram. According to Makhija, one can gain a kilo of weight only from as many as 7000 un-burnt and unused calories. Therefore this cannot be the reason for overnight weight gain.

Chief Causes of Weight Gain Overnight

Alcohol intake

If your water intake was low throughout the day and if your body is dehydrated, you may start storing water in your body during the night time. Drinking alcohol at night may exacerbate the phenomena of water retention leading to an overnight weight spike.

Sleep deprivation

If you are sleep deprived you tend to consume more food according to research and that can disrupt your body’s circadian rhythm thus making you gain weight overnight.

Daylong Stress

A stressful day full of emotional upheavals can lead to increased secretion of the cortisol hormone and cortisol hormone plays a prominent role in facilitating fat storage in the body.


For women who are about to have the periods will retain water in their body. It is a part of PMS or Pre-menstrual syndrome that many women go through prior to getting their periods. In other words, PMS could lead to water weight gain in women overnight.

New medicine

If you start a new medication your body may take time to adjust to it. As a result of the new medication, your appetite may increase suddenly and you might eat really heavy dinners thus causing an overnight weight gain.

Late Dinner

Eating a late dinner could be a reason too. The metabolic rate of your body tends to be very low in the nighttime. So, a late dinner triggers increased storage of calories as you hardly burn during that time.

"Correct these and do not panic," Pooja Makhija ends her opinion.

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