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NASA shares amazing photos of the natural systems of planet ‘Earth’ on Instagram

NASA’s stunning photos evoke happy responses from the netizens

Monday, 19th April 2021

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently come up with some interesting photos thereby giving the users of social media a real visual treat. The photos presented very captivating imagery of the Earth and its natural systems. As per information, the images were captured from the International Space Station’s (ISS’s) vantage point. The photos were shared on Instagram by NASA and showed how the natural systems of air, water, ice, and land on earth are “connecting to each other” to foster life on earth. The photos were captioned with the given lines:  “No matter whether we are on land or in space, we are unified by this tiny blue planet — and that's something to celebrate.”

In the recently posted photo series, the first photo shows Madagascar’s Bombetoka Bay. A similar photo of the same ‘Bay’ was shared by NASA last year in the month of April. Describing the picture, they wrote in the caption the following lines: “On the northwestern coast of Madagascar, the salty waters of the Mozambique Channel flow inland joining the freshwater outflow of the Betsiboka River, forming Bombetoka Bay...The sapphire water is tinged with pink where sediment is particularly thick, and dense vegetation adds a rich green pigment to the landscape.”

The second photo posted was of Mauritania’s Richat Structure, one of the most intriguing natural features of the Sahara Desert. The diameter of the structure measures nearly 40kms. The Richat Structure had been an object of interest among the astronauts and had been observed closely from time to time from outer space.

The next image was that of South Florida’s Everglades. This region is but a unique example of Tropical marshland. 20% of the area is conserved by the Everglades National Park. The unique ecosystem of the area has earned for it the recognition of World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Also, the area has been recognized as a Wetland of global repute and an International Biosphere Reserve.

In that photo series from NASA, the final picture was that of Europe’s frozen River Dnieper. In one of their blogs, NASA informed that the photo was taken from the ISS by Thomas Pesquet, an astronaut of the European Space Agency. The photo was taken on the 9th of February, 2017. Regarding the photo, Thomas Pesquet said, "Winter landscapes are also magical from the International Space Station: this river north of Kiev reminds me of a Hokusai painting."

The users of Instagram were highly impressed with NASA’s photographs and showered several appreciative messages in response. One of the users wrote, “NASA speaking truths as always!”

Another user wrote, “Amazing, stunning pictures. Thanks for sharing, as a reminder for beautiful is Earth.”

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