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Kangana Ranaut states that though the coronavirus is 'killing humans but healing all else', Twitter User states that Kangana is 'romanticizing pandemic'

Kangana Ranaut tries to find a silver lining in the covid pandemic…learn more…

Monday, 19th April 2021

In one of her very recent tweets, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut tried to trace some sort of a silver lining even to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that coronavirus cases in the country are breaking all records with the many infected people dying each day. Recently the actress has shared her opinion on the covid pandemic via the platform of Twitter. Calling the life-taking virus a ‘self-made virus’ actress Kangana Ranaut seemed to be attempting to find a silver lining with regard to the pandemic situation


"Today humans are traumatised by self made virus which they used to bring each other’s economies down. Some may agree with what I say some may not but one thing no one can deny is that the Earth is healing, virus may be killing humans but healing every thing else," wrote Kangana Ranaut. The actress also listed out tips regarding how one could care in a better way for this planet. "Let’s be gentle to her 1) each one of us must plant 8 trees a year 2) stop breeding like rabbits 3) avoid single used plastic 4)Don’t waste food 5) be aware of idiots around you take responsibility cause you could be living wisely but if not handled they will destroy you," Kangana wrote in another tweet.


While the tweets of Kangana Ranaut got many likes, some vehemently rejected her outlook regarding the pandemic as presented by her through the social media platform of Twitter. A Twitter user commented in this context: "Yes. Please casually say that the virus might be killing humans like it's nothing to people who lost their family members due to it. It's easy to preach about healing when you are not losing your livelihood due to it."

"Romanticizing the pandemic which has destroyed thousands of families in the country Where does kangana draw the line?," queried another Twitter user sarcastically. "Dear Kangana. Please wake up from slumber. It's April 2021 not 2020 where 'earth is healing' sounds good when people are struggling to live," read another message on Twitter.

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India has set a heart-wrenching record for it highest surge in the number of Covid-19 cases on this Sunday again. The total number of new covid infections recorded was 275,482 thereby causing the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the country to soar beyond the mark of 15 millions even as the death toll per day reached up to a record of 1622, as per the COVID dashboard of the HT.


The rising number of covid cases has further led to a rise in the need for beds, antiviral drugs and also medical oxygen supply.


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