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New Parent? Learn how to swaddle your newborn

Newborn Swaddling Guidelines for parents…learn more…

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

Swaddling may be defined as the practice of wrapping a blanket or a towel or soft cloth around a baby to make the baby feel comfortable and safe.

Swaddling is commonly believed to be an effective way of preventing the startle reflex in babies that often cause them to wake up all of a sudden. Parents, since time immemorial, have been using this method to make their little ones feel cozy. Many parents use this method to calm a fussy baby down or to help a baby sleep better and for a longer span of time. It must be kept in mind that newborn babies go through a major transition, learning hard to adjust to an environment that differs radically from that in their mother’s womb.

Swaddling, in a way, is an imitation of the warmth and comfort a baby used to get in his or her mother’s womb. Often after swaddling, a baby’s mood improves a lot possibly because he or she finds a similarity with the mother’s womb when swaddled.

When parents welcome a newborn into their lives, they are taught many things by the elders in the family including ‘swaddling’. But is swaddling safe for the baby? Are parents doing it the right way?


How to swaddle correctly?


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to swaddle a baby properly…Read on:

  • Spread the swaddle cloth flat with one of its corners folded for easy swaddling.
  • Place the little face-up on the swaddling cloth. The baby’s head must be just above the cloth’s folded corner.
  • Straighten the baby’s left arm; next wrap the left corner of the swaddling cloth around the baby’s neck, tucking the cloth neatly amid the baby’s right arm and its body’s right side.
  • Twist or fold the bottom of the swaddling cloth loosely and then tuck it underneath one of the arms of the baby.
  • Check to find out if the baby can move its hips comfortably. The specialist suggests that the parent should be able to insert at least 2-3 fingers into the gap between the swaddle and the baby’s chest.

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Do’s & Don’ts of Swaddling

  • To avoid the risk of SIDs, you must always put the baby on its back while swaddling it to sleep.
  • Make sure to get the baby burped after a meal. That way the baby will sleep better in the midst of its swaddle.
  • Swaddling should be done until the baby is 2 to 3 months old because once the baby learns to change sides or crawl, the baby will be at the risk of rolling over and falling off when swaddled.
  • Keep a tab on the arousal level of your baby. Generally swaddled babies sleep for a longer period of time. However, if your baby has a decreased arousal level, that might indicate an issue.
  • You must wash the swaddling cloth thoroughly and disinfect it so that your baby catches no infection from the swaddle cloths used for swaddling the baby.
  • Don’t swaddle your baby immediately after a feed. It may create discomfort for the baby and may even lead to bloating and flatulence.
  • Don’t swaddle your baby all the time. Swaddling only during the naps is fine. That’ll make your baby adapt gradually to the environment out of the mother’s womb.
  • Never swaddle the baby too very tight…tight swaddling may interfere with the baby’s natural physical growth.
  • Never use a heavy cloth for swaddling the baby. Also, make sure its face and neck aren’t covered by the swaddle cloth. That may lead to overheating for the baby. It is best to use soft, thin muslin cloth for swaddling to avoid such risks.
  • Watch out for the signals your baby is giving you. If babies kick their swaddles off often, that indicates that they don’t like getting swaddled.
  • If a caregiver is swaddling your baby and not you, make sure that the caregiver does it right away. Any mistake on the caregiver’s part could be fatal for your baby.


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