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Chennai Super Kings Post an 18-Run Victory in Match 15 of IPL, 2021 against KKR in a Nail Biting Finish

Nail Biter Match between Chennai Super Kings and the Kolkata Knight Riders…learn more…

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

In a nail biter match yesterday, the Kolkata Knight Riders showed grit and zeal but despite quite a few smashes fell despairingly short of the mammoth 221 run target that they were chasing.

In Match 15 of the Indian Premier League, 2021, the Chennai Super Kings nabbed an 18-run victory against KKR in Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium yesterday, propelling them to the top of the charts.

KKR's Pat Cummins displayed extraordinary batting performance with his unbeaten 66 runs off 34 balls including 30 thrilling runs off the formidable Sam Curran. However, despite his efforts, he fell short of partners in the final overs and the team was eventually packed off with 202 runs after the final over.

Cummins was also joined by Andre Russel for a while in their endeavour to mount the daunting target of 221 and managed to move agonizingly close it, but ultimately falling short by mere 18 runs.

After a disastrous start that saw the KKR getting reduced to 31/5, Russel and Karthik took the reins and began to get into a crucial partnership. They gave hopes to the Kolkata team of a revival in the run chase and a successful finish.

However, the momentum and the blitz were soon broken by Sam Curran who took Russel by surprise after an extraordinary delivery and got the West Indian out.

Cummins took the baton from Russell and exhibited his world-class all-round performance scoring 30 superb runs from one over by Curran.

Despite the mind blowing hits by the KKR batsmen towards the end, the team fell short of hitters towards the end and got curtailed at 202 runs.

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This win was CSK's third victory while it marked KKR's third loss in a row.

The dramatic final over saw KKR lose their last wicket on the very first ball as Prasidh Krishna fell excruciatingly short at the bowling end and Pat Cummins got let stranded and unbeaten at the other end.

KKR made a comprehensive journey from 31/5 to 202 all-out, coming up from an almost impossible position and making it to the last over in a thrilling innings.

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