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Intense single-day Covid case surge recorded in the country…get the details…

Thursday, 22nd April 2021

India recorded 2.95 lakh new cases of coronavirus infections on Wednesday making it the biggest single day spike in the country ever since the covid pandemic began. With this, the Covid-19 tally in the country now stands at 1, 56, 16,130, with a death toll of 1, 82,553 and the total number of active covid-19 cases in India now is 21, 57,538.

In view of the rapid spread of the Covid-19 infection, individual state governments are taking more and more strict measures to keep the grim situation under control. The Thackeray government of the state of Maharashtra has put up a fresh set of restrictions and curtailed attendance in offices, marriage ceremonies and has also imposed new curbs with regard to travelling.

According to the Break the Chain order, all government offices will be allowed to work with only 15 per cent attendance. Marriage ceremonies will be allowed only as a single event that is not to go beyond 2 hours and can be attended by a maximum of 25 persons. All private buses are ordered to operate with 50% seating capacity and can have no standing travellers.

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In the meantime, as the country is faced with a massive crisis over the transport of oxygen supplies, the Delhi High Court on Wednesday has pointed out to the Central government that they need to ensure a safe passage of oxygen supplies from the place where it is produced to all delivery destinations across the country.

In Nashik, following yet another appalling incident, the death of at least 22 Covid-19 patients have been reported from the Zakir Husain Hospital following leakage of an oxygen tanker that led to a major cut down in supply. Although attempts were made to direct jumbo cylinders as well as smaller cylinders to the spot for patients according to district officials, they depended largely on the storage tanker for oxygen supply where the leakage was reported.

Serum Institute of India on Wednesday announced that they were planning to sell the Covishield vaccination at Rs 400/dose to state governments and Rs 600/dose to private hospitals.

The company headquartered in Pune is currently selling its vaccine at Rs 150/dose to the central government. Days after the Centre's announcement that all above the age of 18 would be eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine from May 1, they also said that they would set aside half of their capacities for the Central government's inoculation drive and the other half for states and private hospitals.

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