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Sangla as a fascinating tourist destination

What is the picturesque destination of Sangla like? Learn more…

Friday, 23rd April 2021

Sangla is perched at an altitude of 8900 ft and is part of the mesmerizing Baspa Valley of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The region of Sangla is in the district of Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of the Sangla region is mind-blowing. Snow-capped peaks, vast stretches of verdant greenery, and colorful orchards define the beauty of the Sangla valley. The region is well known for its apple Orchards, farms of apricots and walnuts, for its fir trees and cedar trees, and other bounties of Mother Nature. Even Sangla is renowned all across the country and globe for its Tibetan wood carving center.


The quaintly charming hamlet of Sangla is laid out on the banks of River Baspa. It is about 17 kilometers from Karfcham, its nearest destination. The magnificent Raldang peaks paint the backdrop of this picturesque vale. The region has a flat terrain consisting of lush green meadows. The region offers two of its visitors a couple of camping opportunities and small homestays along the Baspa River.

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Things to do in Sangla

Sangla Valley has enough to offer to both indoor as well as outdoor past-time enthusiasts. If you don’t want to go out, you can just sit at the Balcony or window of your accommodation and feast your eyes on the beauteous nature around. If you wish to go out, you can stroll across the fascinating trekking trails running through the dense forests. A visit to the nearby apple orchards is also an experience in itself. When the apple trees are in full bloom the sight of the orchards will leave one spellbound indeed! The orchards turn colorful and fragrant beyond all limits. Sangla’s Beri Nag temple is a must-visit. The temple presents a unique admixture of Buddhist and Hindu architectures. Also, there is an old fort which you could visit during your trip to Sangla.

Sangla is famous for its Saffron farms too. High-quality aromatic saffron is cultivated in those farms. You could consider visiting any of those farms to catch a glimpse of those orange fields. Fishing at the Baspa River and Angling are two activities tourists could engage in while at Sangla.

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How to reach Sangla

To reach the valley of Sangla you have to first reach Shimla. You can take a flight to Shimla or can even board a train to Shimla. From Shimla, you can reach Sangla by means of road transport options like private and government buses or private cabs. If you are coming from Delhi/NCR or from other neighboring states like Rajasthan or Punjab it is best to travel by road. That way you can enjoy the scenic views. Also, the road to Sangla is well developed and there are frequent buses to Sangla from these locations.  

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