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Mumbai Covid Case Status Is Improving Gradually

Mumbai city has probably entered the flattening phase of the pandemic’s second wave…learn more…

Wednesday, 28th April 2021

The city of Mumbai has probably been able to move past the difficult times of the Covid surge as just 3, 792 covid cases were registered on this Monday despite the 41,000 covid tests being undertaken in order to track or trace the infection, said a senior health professional.

Dr Shashank Joshi who is a member of the COVID task force of the Maharashtra Government and a famed endocrinologist, stated that this turnaround was the result of the "ATM strategy" adopted by the metropolis."ATM strategy" stands for 'Assess, Triage and Transfer, and Management'.

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"Mumbai drops to 3792 cases on 41 k tests clearly we r turning around with ATM strategy of Assess Triage and Transfer and Management congratulations team MCGM," tweeted Dr. Joshi.

As of this Sunday, the city of Mumbai had a net covid caseload of as many as 6,27,651 cases, including a death toll of 12,783, with the number of active covid cases standing at about 75,740.

While Mumbai had witnessed an extra of a record 11,163 covid cases on the 4th of April, the case numbers began dropping across the past couple of days, with this Sunday witnessing just 5,542 covid cases.

Dr. Shashank Joshi, who was specially mentioned in the 'Mann Ki Baat' radio show of PM Modi on this Sunday, informed the PTI that the peak phase of the second wave of covid in the city of Mumbai might have passed away and this might be the start of the flattening phase.

"During the first wave, Mumbai used to hardly conduct 15,000 to 18,000 tests. However, during the second wave, the test numbers range between 40,000 and 50,000. Mumbai has passed the peak as cases are plateauing, but the plateau could be longer," sad Joshi.

He further added that the country’s second wave of the covid pandemic is "more furious" than what was expected and globally too similar trends could be noticed. He also made requests to the people to abide by the COVID regulations strictly even when the current restrictions pertaining to Covid-19 are relaxed.

"Even after restrictions are eased, people need to follow COVID appropriate behavior, mandatory masking policy, zero tolerance for violators etc. We cannot say that the worst is over," he stated.

According to the civic body of Mumbai, the total number of active covid cases has dropped to 70,373 while the total number of the recoveries from Covd spiked to 5, 46,861. Across the last couple of days, the total number of patients discharged from the hospital is quite higher when compared to the everyday COVID cases, according to the stats from the BMC. On the basis of the available data, the case recovery rate in the city of Mumbai has improved substantially being at 87% and the case growth rate on the whole has dropped by 1.09%

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