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The Raging Virus Has Incited Many Indian Politicians To Pay a Monthly Wage To The Homemakers

Tall promises of monthly pay-outs for the homemakers by some politicians…learn more…

Thursday, 29th April 2021

As our country battles against the worst viral pandemic of the world, some of the key political parties of the country are making commitments for an unprecedented payment each mo nth to all the housewives in a kind of bid to come out victorious in the crucial State Assembly Elections. If the promised privilege is enacted in reality, the stipends paid out would be the first of its kinds in the whole of the world to specifically recognize and address a woman’s unconditional and unpaid labor for her family which the economists deduce would account for nearly 39 percent of the world GDP and would mostly be absent from the official records.

This would also stand for a paradigm cultural shake-up especially in a nation like India where women contribute tirelessly to domestic duties round the clock and their involvement in the country’s workforce is but the lowest in the whole of the world-   a predicament worsened by the Covid pandemic.

The current covid epidemic that has hit the country hard in its second wave has affected the women most. Many women have reported a significant or a total income loss since the beginning of the countrywide lockdown the previous year and the domestic chores and other house works have increased remarkably as the male migrants came back to their homes and were without work.


Out of the five states that start counting the votes on this Sunday, three of the states are likely to enforce the rule of paying the stipends to the women at home.  Both the coalition-in-reign and the opposition party contending down south in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have made commitments for the support of monthly income to the homemakers. That actually includes the key opposition party of the country- the Congress Political Party, which has vowed to grant Rs 2, 000 to the homemakers every month in the states of Kerala and Assam.

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In the state of West Bengal, CM Mamata Banerjee who is one of the most prominent political opponents of PM Modi nationally has also made promises for granting Rs 1000 each month for the housewives of the 16 million households in the state.

The pledges and promises made by the various political parties and party leaders in this context has generated ripples of mixed opinions countrywide. Actor and political figure, Kamal Haasan has announced through the platform of Makkal Neethi, the party he represents that he supports this move of paying the housewives for the domestic chores they do.  While many others said in argument that such a stance would help in visibiliising the unpaid labor that every housewives are involved in and will improve the valuation of the women and the contributions they make for their family. Some others countered this saying that this could turn out to be an attack on the traditional family ethics and values. The response that came from actor Kangana Ranaut paved the way for a barrage of opinions and comments leading to several arguments that centered round the theme that paying women for their domestic chores would mean demeaning the women and the role that’s intrinsic to their character and sex.


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