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Following a high-protein diet for weight loss? Know about the Do’s and Don’ts

What all you should do and not do while on a high-protein diet?

Friday, 30th April 2021

Those trying to shed their extra pounds must depend a lot on the macronutrient called ‘Protein’.  This isn’t at all surprising given the fact that they are the building blocks of muscles and tissues.  Protein also satiates your hunger and keeps you fuller for a longer period of time. So, people looking to lose weight can also cram their diet with just proteins. But consuming too much protein can impact your health in a negative way…it can result in the accumulation of calories and interfere with your weight loss goals. To stop such a thing from happening you must be aware of the Do’s and Don’ts with regard to following a high protein diet…read on to learn more:

Consume the right protein

Proteins obtained from lean sources are ideal. Examples of such proteins include proteins from sources like chicken, white meat poultry, and fish. Protein from sources like pork, bacon, and lamb must be avoided so that your protein intake does not go over the board.

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Don’t drop carbs completely

A protein-based diet does not imply that you’ll have to completely avoid the other major food groups. If you do so you’ll actually deprive your body of the essential nutrients. So, also include carbs in your diet but in limited quantities. Carbs are important for energy and the inclusion of carbs in a protein-centric diet can only make it more balanced and nutritious.


Keep a tab on your water intake

You must stay thoroughly hydrated when you are on a high protein diet. It helps you move your bowels easily and keeps constipation at bay. Moreover, water is an appetite suppressant and helps in weight management.


Space out your protein intake all across the day

Don’t cram just a single meal with all proteins. The net protein intake per day should be divided across all 4 meals of the day. This will not overstock your body with proteins all at once.

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