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Some Northeastern States might experience another dry spell this monsoon season, says Skymet

Skymet forecasts scanty rainfall in North-eastern India this monsoon season

Tuesday, 4th May 2021

Skymet Weather, a privatized weather forecasting firm based in the NOIDA City of Uttar Pradesh has predicted that certain areas of North-East India could possibly experience another dry season of the southwest monsoon.

“In terms of geographical risk, Skymet expects that the plains of north India, along with a few parts of the north-east region, are likely to be at risk of being rain deficient through the season,” read a report published on the firm’s website.


There is a forecast of a ‘healthy normal’ rainfall all across the country during this monsoon season from Skymet. The company thinks that this year’s overall monsoon rainfall across India likely to be 103 percent of the LPA or Long Period Average and that of course is considered as normal rainfall.  


This forecast from Skymet has a 60% chance of coming true. There is a 15% chance of beyond-normal rainfall and also a 15% chance of less-than-normal rainfall and about 10% chance of excessive rainfall when the monsoon hits the North East, stated the Agency.

The north-eastern India gets 90% of its rains during the months of June-September; i.e. the Monsoon months.

If Skymet’s forecast turns out to be true, this will actually be the 20th year across the span of the last 21 years when the NE region has been getting below-normal monsoon rainfall, as per the data from India Meteorological Department (IMD). Last year, this rainfall deficit was about 16%

In the year 2007, the north-eastern region had experienced excess rainfall.


Some states of North-Eastern India such as Sikkim (60% excess) and Meghalaya (40% excess) had a rainfall far above their usual quota for rains last year. Other states such as Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland were significantly deficient in rainfall. Mizoram was 34% deficient, Manipur was 46% deficient while Nagaland was 29% deficient, as per the IMD sources.

The states of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam which had beyond-average rainfalls and the state of Tripura, where the rains were below average, were amid the two extremes.

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This unequal distribution of rains among the North-Eastern states implied that by the time the monsoon season ended, about 1/3rd of North East’s 86 districts were exposed to either scarce rainfall or highly scarce rainfall. Among the 29 utterly dry districts of the North-east, 20 fell within the states of Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland.


Many of these states getting scarce rainfall in the monsoon season could make up for it in the months of the post-monsoon and the winters. Nagaland, for example, got an excess rain of 30% from the time period between the 1st of October and the 6th of December. The state of Tripura which fell short of the normal monsoon rains by 10% received about 21% excess precipitation since the month of October. Even the states of Mizoram and Manipur got rainfall that was significantly nearer to the average volume. On the other hand, the states of Sikkim and Meghalaya, which had received more-than-normal rainfall in the monsoon months, went into a scarcity of rains in the post-monsoon months. Assam was actually the only northeast Indian state to have fared sufficiently well all through.


The north-eastern part of India could experience a drought or a drought-like situation if the remaining part of the pre-monsoon months and also the upcoming monsoon months go without proper rains.

The forecast isn’t favorable for a region that primarily depends on agriculture and allied activities apart from hosting some of the richly bio-diverse marshes and forests on this earth.



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