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Sonu Sood accuses China for blocking consignments of oxygen concentrators to India, Sun Weidong, Chinese ambassador to India replies with an ‘assurance’

Sonu Sood and Sun Weidong exchange tweets…learn more…

Tuesday, 4th May 2021

Sun Weidong, Chinese Ambassador to our country India has given his assurance to the Indian actor Sonu Sood with regard to the “smooth functioning of export channel of materials to India”.

Weidong came up with his reply after the actor Sood accused China of some sort of a foul play pertaining to the blocking of consignments of the oxygen concentrators which are being transported to our country, India.

Actor Sonu Sood’s active role in helping India battle with the gruesome pandemic hardly needs any introduction. The actor has been playing the role of a Messiah ever since the pandemic begun. His effort to transport thousands of stuck-up migrants to their native villages during the nationwide lockdown was noticed by the top leaders too and for many Sood became a hero. Now, again Sood has come forward to fight for India and against the pandemic…he has put certain allegations on China and he thinks that if this out to be true, India could be in trouble. In this particular context, Sood shared a few lines via his Twitter handle. He wrote: “We are trying to get hundreds of oxygen concentrators to India. It’s sad to say that China has blocked lots of our consignments and here in India we are losing lives every minute. I request @China_Amb_India @MFA_China to help us get our consignments cleared so we can save lives.”

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However, Sun Weidong, the Chinese Ambassador to India was quick to offer his assurance to Sood. He and Sood exchanged a couple of tweets on this matter.

In reply to Sood, Weidong wrote, “@SonuSood Noted your twitter info. Mr. Sood. China will do its utmost to support India fighting Covid-19. To my knowledge, freight air routes from China to India are operating normally. The past two weeks have witnessed 61 freight flights from China to India in operation. We’ve provided convenience in customs clearance & transportation for India to transport medical supplies from cities in China. Will continue to ensure smooth functioning of export channel of materials to India. Pls let us know any problem you met (or email to so that we could try our best to help accordingly.”


Later Sonu Sood thanked the authorities from China for their quick response. “Thanks for the prompt response sir. I am in touch with your office to solve the problems. Appreciate your concern. Warm regards,” tweeted Sood.


Sonu Sood has posted himself as an active support in these pandemic times assisting people get access to hospital beds or oxygen supply when the country is grappling with the most loathsome challenge of the pandemic’s second wave.


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