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Udaipur City at a glance

What to see in Rajasthan’s Udaipur? Learn more

Wednesday, 5th May 2021

The state of Rajasthan has a royal, historic legacy behind it. One of its lavish yet picturesque cities is Udaipur, also referred to as the ‘City of Lakes’. This charming city is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills and dotted with many pellucid lakes and architecturally rich temples and palatial monuments. For a tourist craving for a perfect leisure time during a vacation, Udaipur is perhaps the ideal destination to go to. The city, being full of lakes, is also often termed as the ‘Venice of the East. ‘Jewel of Mewar’ is another metaphor that the city enjoys probably because of the many flattering architectures it exhibits.

The key tourist destinations to visit in the royal city of Udaipur are:

Jag Mandir

This is a grand palace standing on an island in the midst of Lake Pichola of Udaipur. The Jag Mandir is differently called the Lake Garden Palace. In historic times, the Jag Mandir used to be Shah Jahan’s shelter. He used to put up at the Gul Mahal of Jag Mandir. He drew inspirations from the architecture of the Jag Mandir and applied them while building the famed Taj Mahal in the near future.

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Jaisamand Lake

This Lake is Asia’s second-largest artificial lake and is located at a distance of 48kms from the city of Udaipur. The other name for Jaisamand Lake is Dhebar Lake. The lake was constructed under the initiative of Maharana Jai Singh and was the result of the dam constructed on River Gomti. The lake extends to a width of about 14kms and is about 102ft deep. The lake’s circumference is about 48kms. The lake is dotted with islands. On three of the islands, people of the Bhil Manas Tribal Community reside. The two bigger islands on the lake are referred to as ‘Baba ka Magra’ while the smaller island is referred to as Piari.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

We all know about the Great Wall of China…right? It is the longest wall in the whole of the world. But do you which the second-longest wall is? Well, it's in Udaipur city itself. Yes, the wall of the Kumbhalgarh Fort in the vicinity of Udaipur stands out as the second-longest wall in the whole of the world. The wall is 36kms in length. The fort was constructed in such a manner that no invader could catch a glimpse of it and the very tall and sturdy wall was built around the fort to keep enemies at bay.

Udaipur Tree House

A unique, 3 storeyed treehouses has been built on a Mango tree dating back to 65 years. This unique concept was the brainchild of K.P Singh, a civil engineer and a businessman too. An artisan from the city of Surat in Gujarat gave his concept a real shape by building the treehouse while keeping each and every branch of the tree intact. The Tree House found a mention in the famed Limca Book of World Records.


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