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WhatsApp Could Start Sticker Suggestion Feature for Android and iOS Users

Sticker Suggestion Feature is likely to be launched by Whatsapp soon...learn more...

Friday, 7th May 2021

Celebrated message-sharing application, WhatsApp is likely to soon start a feature for its users that will make searching for stickers simpler by showing suggestions based on what the user types in the chatbox.

According to WABetaInfo, best known for introducing new, revolutionary, and upcoming attributes in the messaging app, the feature is still in its development stage but may be available in the future on both Android and iOS devices.

However, since the feature is not even available to beta users yet, it might not be available to regular users of the app anytime soon.

As per reports, this novel feature in the messaging application’s latest offering will analyze the first word that is typed in the chat bar by a particular user of the app and then run a match with the stickers in the list of stickers saved in the user’s library. The app will return with a suggestion based on this analysis and search.

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For instance, if a user of Whatsapp types the word “happy” or “angry”, the app will reveal a sticker that is relevant to the emotions/words based on the feature packs.

The sticker icon will look different from what it otherwise does if there is a suggestion available for the user. What the user will then have to do is tap the Sticker icon in the chatbox after they type a word so as to activate the suggestion which will then appear to the user.

For example, if the user has typed the word “sad” or “love”, they will then need to tap on the regular sticker icon in the chat bar. The suggestion will then appear.

Sources said that the developer for the app is now working on an update because, as per reports although the feature is working seamlessly for official WhatsApp sticker apps, it is having trouble working with third-party sticker apps like Sticker Maker. It is important to help the feature support this as WhatApp’s own sticker library is very limited while the third-party sticker libraries are more popular in terms of variety and options.

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