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Sonu Sood commits to help Suresh Raina in arranging an oxygen cylinder for Raina’s critically-sick aunt

Raina needs oxygen cylinder for his aunt in Meerut, Sonu Soot promises to help…learn more…

Friday, 7th May 2021

Actor, social worker & humanitarian, Sonu Sood has played a very active role in lending his helping hand to the people ever since the covid crisis began in the country. During the pandemic’s second wave Sonu Sood in association with his charitable organization has been assisting people with regard to their urgent medical requirements such as hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, etc. Recently, Suresh Raina, a well-known cricketer had posted a tweet stating that he was in dire need of an oxygen cylinder for his critically infected aunt residing in the city of Meerut.


“Urgent requirement of an oxygen cylinder in Meerut for my aunt. Age – 65 Hospitalised with Severe lung infection. Covid + SPO2 without support 70 SPO2 with support 91 Kindly help with any leads. @myogiadityanath,” the cricketer wrote, tagging the UP chief minister too. Sonu Sood was prompt in his reply to Raina’s tweet. Sood wrote in his reply, “Oxygen cylinder reaching in 10 mins Bhai.”


To this, Raina replied, “Sonu Paji thank you so much for all the help. Big help! Stay blessed.”

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Actor-humanitarian-social worker, Sonu Sood has been utterly prompt on his social media platform in helping those who were in need. Also, he has very recently launched a mission through which he has taken the sides of children whose parents died due to the pandemic, and has raised his voice for them. Sonu Sood initiated the mission to help those children in getting educated and in this context, he had also appealed to the Centre and also to several other charitable organizations to support the cause.


“I would like to request the government, the state government, central government or whichever institutes that are trying to help, that there should be a rule that whosoever has lost family members during Covid-19, the education of their kids, from school to college, be it in a government school or private school, should be free of cost,” Sood shared in one of his Instagram Videos


In one of the recent interviews with the Mojo, Sonu Sood talked about the ongoing covid crisis and commented, “Nothing can be worse than this. At least, oxygen is my right. A hospital is my right. If we say one lakh people have died, then imagine if we had one lakh more beds, these people would have been saved. The people who have died didn’t deserve to die. They are dying because they are not getting the treatment at the right time. Someone’s oxygen drops from 88 to 60 because he or she didn’t get a bed or oxygen. How are the families of these people going to lead their lives? They will live as failed humans. We all have also failed as humans.”


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