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Facts about the Dhankar Lake in Himachal Pradesh

Rejuvenate yourself by visiting the Dhankar Lake…learn more…

Monday, 10th May 2021

The solitary beauty of the Dhankar Lake situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley has such captivating charm that it draws passionate nature lovers, trekkers, and tourists to it in spite of the challenges of a 5km long uphill trek across a steep, muddy, dusty and barren pathway amid the inclement weather conditions. The lake makes a breathtaking and blissful retreat indeed. If you are fed up with the din and clamor of city life, then the site of the Dhankar Lake should be the place where you ought to be present.

The mental grit and stamina of a trekker are put to test when one starts trekking towards Dhankar Lake. In just a couple of hours, you need to cover the distance to reach the turquoise blue lake which is also referred to as Sarkund. The lake is perched at an altitude of about 4270 meters above sea level and lies in the vicinity of the Rohtang Pass and the Dhankhar monastery. The trek towards the lake commences from Tabo-Kaza. The weather rapidly changes in the course of the lake from windy to cold to warm. The lake is basically a glacier-fed lake and happens to be in a frozen state for nearly 8 months each year. The lake is flanked by Himalayan shrubs, lofty snow-capped peaks, green valleys, and winsome landscapes. The lake’s color changes from bluish to greenish when viewed upon from different angles. There are several ancient myths and folklores related to the Dhankar Lake, narrating the lake’s association with the various Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

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An ancient stupa at the lake’s bank is often visited by tourists and trekkers alike and they often pay a revered tribute at the Stupa. While on the way to the Dhankar Lake one can even catch a glimpse of the elusive and rare Himalayan Ibex. From the site of the lake, one can also get to view the Manirang Peak; the loftiest peak in the state of Himachal Pradesh located along the border of the Spiti & Kinnaur district. The shimmery blue Dhankar Lake comes with a calming effect for the mind and offers ample opportunities for the photo fanatics to capture those mesmerizing sceneries on the lens.

Those traveling by air can take a flight from Delhi to the Kullu-Manali Airport of Himachal Pradesh. On reaching the airport, the traveler needs to hire a cab or board a bus to reach the Dhankar Monastery and the adjoining Dhankar Lake. The nearest railhead to the Dhankar lake is Joginder Nagar, nearly 400kms away from the lake. One needs to reach the Kaza or Tabo town first and then move on towards the lake on foot.

From the Dhankar Village, it takes about 45-60 minutes to reach the lake by trekking. Carrying drinking water, dry fruits, energy bars, glucose, and bananas during the trek is a must as those food items will prevent your energy levels from dwindling while you walk your way on the mountainous route.

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