karnataka dislodges maharashtra

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Karnataka Dislodges Maharashtra sending it to Second Spot in Daily Cases and Deaths Due to Covid-19

The State of Karnataka rises to second position with regard to its share of covid cases and covid-triggered deaths…get the details

Tuesday, 11th May 2021

With 39,305 new cases of Covid-19 and a record 596 deaths in the past 24 hours, Karnataka has moved up to the top spot in the country to record the highest single day spike in fresh cases as well as deaths.

For the first time since the beginning of the second wave in mid-February in India, Maharashtra got beaten to the second place in the number of daily cases. The worst hit state both in the first and the second wave so far, the state recorded 37,236 fresh cases and 549 fatalities.

The country as a whole however, saw a drop for the first time in two weeks in its daily case count with 3.3 lakh infections logged.

The slack in pace seen in the second wave has lent hopes across the country that the mammoth surge is possibly reaching its peak.

However, the rate of weekly positivity is still on an upward swing and the number of testing has dropped. India’s test positivity rate (TPR) in the week was 22.6 per cent, higher than the 21.4 per cent seen the week before that (April 26 – May 2).

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Bengaluru alone accounted for 374 of the total number of deaths in the past 24 hours, the highest ever for the city, the previous high being 346 fatalities that was recorded on May 7. Bengaluru’s single day death count is second only to Delhi which has reported over 400 deaths in a day a few times. The total number of deaths due to Covid-19 reported in the city so far is 8,431.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu has recorded the second highest spike in cases with 48,023 infections. Close at its heels are Andhra Pradesh (31,119) and Kerala (30,727), with the southern states taking a lead in the surge in cases in the country.

Maharashtra had become the state to report the highest number of daily deaths ever on April 28 when it logged 985 fatalities.

Among the states that recorded a minimum of 1 lakh cases last week is Tamil Nadu with the highest rate of growth (38.3%), followed by Andhra Pradesh at 28%, Karnataka (26.6%), Punjab (23%), Kerala (13%), Haryana (11.5%) and Bengal (8.6%).

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