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Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of Nepal lost support of majority lawmakers in the Parliament

Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli lost majority support...get the details...

Thursday, 13th May 2021

Prime Minister of Nepal K P Sharma Oli has lost a vote of confidence on Monday in the House of Representatives driving him further to the brink as it threw glaring light on the fact that he does not have enough support of lawmakers for him to continue in office.

As per reports, while only 93 lawmakers voted in favour of PM Oli, 124 of them voted against him. 15 of them were neutral which eventually led to the PM’s loss.

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has announced to the other parties to stake their claim by Thursday night, failing which, the President will be forced to invoke Article 76(3). This would entail  the leader of the largest party in the House — in this instance Oli himself — would have to be invited to form the government. He would then be required to prove his majority within a period of 30 days.

The Prime Minister faced a confidence vote after the NCP (Nationalist Congress Party), their alliance partner pulled away support in April this year.

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The Parliament secretariat had also arranged for special provisions so that those MPs who are afflicted by the coronavirus infection, could also participate in the vote.

A vote of confidence was called upon by the PM who made an attempt in this manner to show that he still garnered adequate support required for him to stay in power in spite of an expected second split within his governing party.

The Nepal Communist Party of Prime Minister Oli had split earlier this year. This had coerced him into leading a minority government.

Oli said in an earlier speech to the legislature, “There is no reason why parliament members should not support me and vote for me.”  He has been at the receiving end of much criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, which logged its highest number of fresh cases and deaths these past few days.

Lockdowns have been imposed since last month in several parts of the country by authorities and in all likelihood will be extended as there are reports from hospitals of bed shortages, dearth in oxygen supply and medication.

Three years ago, Oli had come to power after his party joined hands with another communist party comprising of former Maoist rebels.

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