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Twinkle Khanna lauds Hrithik Roshan and Vidya Balan for their respective contributions at the times of the pandemic

Khanna praises Hrithik and Vidya on social media for their philanthropic efforts

Thursday, 13th May 2021

Twinkle Khanna has praised the efforts made by actors Hrithik Roshan and Vidya Balan to come to the help of people at the times of the pandemic. The author-cum-actor gave a loud shout-out to the two stars on the social media for their commotion-less, quiet contributions towards Covid relief.

Twinkle Khanna shared a photo of actor Hrithik Roshan on Instagram and wrote, “Going beyond help thy neighbour, mine is doing his bit during this crisis in multiple ways. A big shout-out @hrithikroshan ????”. On Tuesday, she had posted a monochrome picture of Balan with the caption, “Thank you @vidya_balan ! A woman with immense talent and an even larger heart. For quietly helping those in need.”


Actor Vidya Balan has been using her social media accounts in order to spread awareness around the covid pandemic. She made a contribution of 1000 PPEs to the frontline healthcare staffs all through the country.

Twinkle Khanna and her husband Akshay Kumar have jointly donated 100 oxygen concentrators to a particular organization. In this context, Khanna wrote,, “Wonderful news-Dr Drashnika Patel & Dr Govind Bankani of London Elite Health through Daivik Foundation are donating 120 oxygen concentrators and as @akshaykumar and I have managed to get our hands on 100 as well, we have a total of 220.Thank you for the leads. Let’s all do our bit.”


Twinkle also answered the criticism from a Twitter user as to whether she and her husband Akshay Kumar were doing enough of their bit in these hard times of the pandemic. She even asked that Twitter user to devote his time and energy on extending his helping hand to people in these times of the pandemic instead of indulging in back-biting and criticisms of others. “Have donated 100 concentrators toward this cause&in multiple other http://ways.As I’ve said before, it’s not about me or you but what we can do collectively for those in need. Sad that at this point, instead of pitching in, we expend energy in pulling people down. Stay safe,” tweeted the actor


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