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Thursday, 13th May 2021

The antipyretic herb Giloy has recently risen to fame in the hard times of the covid. The reason is its immense potential to boost our immunity and platelet count. People across the country and globe have been purchasing this herb in large quantities and herbal medicine experts have been vouching for its incredible immunity-boosting properties.


Since time immemorial Giloy has been in use in the realm of Ayurvedic Indian medicines. In the Sanskrit language, the herb ‘Giloy’ is referred to as ‘Amrita’ meaning ‘the root that makes one immortal’. The wide range of medicinal properties that the herb comes with makes it an elixir of life.


The top health benefits that this herb comes with include:

  • Stress reduction

Giloy can serve as an effective stress buster. It helps in balancing the brain chemicals and reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body. It is indeed an effective anti-stress herbal remedy. Also, consumption of the herb can boost your cognitive functions and your memory.

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  • Immunity boosting

The compounds such as lactones and alkaloids present in Giloy can remove toxins from your body and can nourish the cells of the immune system thereby enhancing your immunity power against diseases.


  • Improved digestion

Consumption of the herb can help you get rid of digestive issues such as indigestion, acidity, constipation, stomach upset, or any other condition that interferes with smooth and effective digestion.


  • Diabetes management

This herb can regulate the production of the Insulin hormone in your body and help in managing blood sugar levels. Also, the herb can trigger glucose combustion and lead to a reduction in the glucose levels in your blood. Thus, the herb is highly effective for people with diabetes.


  • Enhanced eyesight

Giloy extracts if applied topically can improve your vision and remove eye strain impacts.


  • Arthritis management

The anti-arthritic properties of this incredible herb can ease the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. The juice of this herb helps in reducing arthritis-related joint stiffness and swelling.


  • Management of respiratory issues                                                                                     

The herb is very effective for reducing respiratory issues such as breathlessness, cold, cough, and congestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties can keep your lungs healthy.


  • Management of chronic fever                                                                                   

The herb can help get rid of fever triggered by underlying infections. It makes an effective herbal remedy for Hay fever, Dengue, etc.


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