Cyclone tauktae hit gujarat

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Cyclone Tauktae Intensifies, Expected to Hit Gujarat Monday Evening

Taukte Cyclone rushing towards the shores of Gujarat

Monday, 17th May 2021

As Cyclone Tauktae hurtling towards Gujarat with winds up to 165 km per hour, it has already left six people dead, hundreds of houses damaged, electricity poles and trees uprooted and forced evacuation in several low lying areas. Its gale force winds accompanied with heavy rainfall and high tidal waves have washed across the coastal belt of Kerala, Karnataka and Goa as it travels north.

As per the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Tauktae has taken the form of a “very severe cyclonic storm” and in all probability will only increase in its severity during the next 24 hours as it reaches the coast of Gujarat on Monday between 8-11pm.

More than 1.5 lakh people have been moved from low-lying areas in Gujarat as the state expects very heavy rainfall and winds of up to 190 km per hour.

Gujarat is expecting heavy damage to property, flooding of roads and disruption of railway lines especially in places like Porbandar, Amreli, Junagarh, Gir Somnath, Botad and coastal areas of Ahmedabad. Warnings have been issued of damage to power and communication lines as well.

Early on Monday, Mumbai experienced light rainfall along with gusty winds. The city has closed its Bandra-Worli sea link and shut down its airport till 2 pm. They have kept the NDRF teams on alert and have 5 temporary shelters set up in each of their 24 wards.

It has been reported that 7,000 fishing boats have been returned safely to harbours. Of these around 2,200 are from Gujarat and 4,500 from Maharashtra. Warnings have also been issued to more than 300 merchant ships and oil rig operators in the area.

The number of NDRF teams has been raised to 101 out of which 65 have been pre-deployed. As per NDRF chief, there have been heavy deployments of quick response medical teams and public health teams, with stocks of emergency medicines.

Three aircrafts by the IAF are kept in readiness to transport 167 NDRF personnel and 16.5 tonnes of equipment from Kolkata to Ahmedabad. The Indian Navy is also on standby in Gujarat.

One of the worst hit states by Covid-19, Gujarat CM has asked officials to ensure the supply of electricity in medical facilities and also urged people to remain indoors.

Maharashtra CM is also making provisions to ensure power supply to hospitals and relocate patients from healthcare facilities in coastal areas.

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