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Vital Facts about DRDO’s 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Medication for Covid-19

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Tuesday, 18th May 2021

The country is currently going through the deadliest second wave of the covid pandemic and people are battling against the wrath of the virus and running here and there for timely oxygen. In such a scenario, 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose, the anti-covid medication launched newly by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) comes as a new ray of hope for all.


This highly innovative medication was brought into use today (May 17) and is a therapeutic medication believed to speed up the recovery timelines. But is it really effective? Can all the patients of COVID-19 use it?

Read below to learn about the Top Vital Facts About The New Revolutionary Drug:

  • The medication is ‘fully homegrown’ and the first of its kind in India.


  • It is a therapeutic medication that works by stopping the viral growth in one’s body thereby curbing the possibility of severity and complications from the infection.


  • The drug is a preventative medication for energy synthesis amongst the virus and viral replication.


  • The drug is made up of the 2-DG Molecule which is but a glucose analog and is far from being the real glucose.


  • The drug reduces the requirement for an external oxygen supply.


  • The drug is said to bring about an improvement in the timelines for recovery through the normalization of the viral parameters.


  • 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose, also called ‘2DG’ is a product of the Laboratory Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences belonging to the Defense Research and Development Organization. The medicine has been developed in association with Dr. Reddy’s Lab in Hyderabad.

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  • More than 10,000 medication doses are likely to be supplied to the people this very week.


  • The drug was approved by the Drug Controller General of India on the 1st of May.


  • The drug is a re-purposed drug that has undergone extensive clinical trials. The trials were conducted on more than 110 patients across the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Delhi.


  • According to researchers, the drug is effective against all the mutant variants and strains of the virus.


  • The price of the drug is yet to be decided but as per sources, it will be affordable.


  • The drug needs to be administered orally twice a day and needs to be taken with water.


  • The drug must be taken for 5-7 days at a stretch to curb the infection


  • Use of the drug is currently recommended in case of moderate infection to severe cases.


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