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Thursday, 20th May 2021

Grammy & Oscar Award winner, AR Rahman, often referred to as the Mozart of Madras is currently on a spree for promotions…the world-acclaimed composer is now going around talking about the latest production venture of his titled as ’99 Songs’. The composer has also inked words about this unique production love story that he is currently involved in.


In an interview titled as the ‘A Little Late with Lily Singh’ Show, with Lily Singh, a popular talk show host, actor and youtuber, AR Rahman was asked about his musicality and what he thinks about the fact that several big names associated with the global music industry are eager to join hands in musical collaboration with him.


“In 2020, Selena Gomez said in an interview that she wants to work with you, did you know that?” Lilly Singh asked AR Rahman. AR Rahman responded with a smile, “I keep seeing all this stuff, but I think people are just confused, ‘where is my management? Did Selena Gomez call you?’ Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and Madonna, all these people talking about me, but then I never get to meet them because I am on the other side of the world.”


The Lily-Rahman pair then moved to discussing the composer’s one-of-a-kind, rather quirky fashion sense. The host of the interview, Lily Singh, wondered from where actually he acquires his unique style from. To this question, the composer replied, telling that he just follows his wish and whims and no particular rule of fashion.

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“Oh my god, it is truly perfection. Where do you get this from? Do you have a stylist or are you into it?” questioned Lilly. “Actually, after a while you don’t care. You just think you are going to do this stuff,” Rahman replied laughing heartily.


99 Songs, the very latest production initiative by AR Rahman was released in the theatres across India last month. Recently, the composer has declared that this musical movie shall be made available for streaming on a renowned OTT platform very soon. The streaming platform’s name is yet to be disclosed.



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