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Decision on increasing the span of the janata curfew on May 23rd, says CM Yediyurappa

Yediyurappa to decide on curfew continuation…learn more…

Thursday, 20th May 2021

Last few weeks were really trying for the state of Karnataka. Increasing covid cases and death
toll from covid wreaked much havoc all across the state. Over 6 districts in the state are
experiencing worsened situation as far as the pandemic is concerned. Over 1000 new covid cases
each day are being recorded. To curb the cases and manage the situation the state chief minister
had announced lockdown in the state previously.

The government of Karnataka will probably decide whether to drag the state-wide lockdown
further on the 23 rd of May, just a day prior to the scheduled closing of the current restrictions.


“We still have the time. I will hold a meeting with my ministers and experts on May 23 and
decide if we should continue the restrictions for a few more days,” CM of the state, BS
Yediyurappa told to the reporters on this Wednesday.

The CM also added that PM Modi’s guidance in this matter will be considered and kept in the
forefront while taking a decision.

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“We have to implement the decision taken by PM Modi. We are also waiting for his
directions. Based on it, we will take a decision,” said Yediyurappa. He further said that Prime
Minister Narendra Modi’s decision, based on Supreme Court’s recent observation regarding
complete lockdown, is likely to be binding on the state of Karnataka too.

A majority of the cabinet colleagues of Yediyurappa has dropped a hint about extension of the
coronavirus-induced lockdown by another week after taking into consideration the fact that covid
cases are gradually dropping in the capital city of Bengaluru. However, in spite of the lockdown,
a significant rise in covid cases in the state’s many other districts has caused the experts to opine
that cases will rise further in the various districts of the state prior to the start of a drop.

Yediyurappa-led state government is trapped between balancing the two vital facets like
economy and health as the financial status have received a severe blow because of non-stop
lockdown for a long span of time.

The state of Karnataka had “janata curfew” from the 27 th of April and then came complete
lockdown starting from the 10 th of May as covid induced deaths rose.


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