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Covid-19 Latest Updates from May 19

What are top highlights pertaining to the latest covid status in the country?

Friday, 21st May 2021

Daily cases of covid-19 continued to drop on Wednesday as a total of 2, 67, 334 cases were recorded in the country in the span of last 24 hours. It actually stands out as the 3rd consecutive day when the covid cases in the country dropped down underneath the 3-lakhs mark. While the net covid cases seem to be dropping, everyday death toll is on the rise still, with our country recording the biggest per-day death toll of about 4, 529 deaths. As many as 4,329 deaths were reported in the country yesterday. Here are some of the top live updates from the country regarding the covid pandemic…read on to learn more:


23:29 (IST) May 19

Union Health Minister, Mr. Harsh Vardhan said that the country will be able to provide vaccination to all Indian adults by this year’s end.


23:27 (IST) May 19

Jammu & Kashmir records 3,969 new positive cases of covid, 4,338 recoveries from the covid infection and death toll of 62 across the past 24 hours.


23:09 (IST) May 19

ICMR gives its sanction for the home-centric Covid infection rapid antigen testing.


22:37 (IST) May 19

Individuals testing positive may be taken as undeniably positives & may not need any repeat testing. All the symptomatic people who tested negative for the infection must get re-tested by the RTPCR since RATs could possibly miss a couple of positive covid cases that have a lower viral load, informs the ICMR advisory pertaining to Covid home testing


22:11 (IST) May 19

2-DG Anti-Covid medication from DRDO to be made available by the middle of June 2021: Dr Reddy's


21:45 (IST) May 19

More than 18.5 crore doses of the covid vaccine have been provided to people in the country so far under the mass vaccination drive against the deadly virus.


21:32 (IST) May 19

Tamil Nadu records 34,875 new Covid cases, 365 covid induced death toll and about 23,863 discharges from hospital today


20:56 (IST) May 19

Haryana records 6,818 new cases of Covid, about 11,821 recoveries from covid and 153 covid-induced deaths across the past 24 hours


20:32 (IST) May 19

West Bengal records 157 Covid-triggered deaths in a single day; death toll in the state leaps  to 13,733, informs State Health department


20:17 (IST) May 19

The state of Maharashtra records about 34,031 new Covid cases, about 51,457 recoveries from the infection and 594 covid induced deaths within the past 24 hours

19:41 (IST) May 19

Mumbai city records 1,350 new Covid cases across the span of the last 24 hours


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