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New covid vaccine guidelines for patients who have recovered from the infection

Union Health Ministry’s latest guidelines on covid vaccination…learn more…

Friday, 21st May 2021

Several debates on getting vaccinated post-covid-19 and the timing to opt for getting vaccinated after the infection are at the helm of affairs currently. According to recent Union Health Ministry Guidelines, the first covid vaccine dose should be administered three months post-recovery from covid. The same rule applies both for people who were home-quarantined during their infection and also for people who were admitted to the hospitals.


The recent guidelines from the Union Health Ministry also shed light on the following points:


Lactating moms can get themselves vaccinated against covid-19

The Ministry has recommended vaccines for lactating moms.

Donating blood

One who has received a covid vaccine shot can donate blood only after a period of 14 days. One who has had an infection can donate blood only after getting a negative RT- PCR report.

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The above guidelines came from the Union Health Ministry after getting updated recommendations from The National expert Group on Vaccine Administration for COVID-19 (NEGVAC).

This new set of guidelines has been passed on to the states and the Union Territories of the country through an official statement.

Hospitalized patients

Patients who were administered convalescent plasma or anti-SAR-2 Monoclonal antibodies can only get vaccinated against covid after 3 months following their discharge date.


People who got infected after their first vaccine dose

People who got infected with covid-19 after their first vaccine dose can get their second vaccine dose only after complete 3 months after their recovery.


People who have serious sicknesses/co-morbidity

People who have a history of any serious sicknesses that need hospitalization or Care at an ICU must wait for at least 4-8 weeks for receiving their COVID vaccine.


Rapid antigen prior to vaccination

No rapid antigen testing is needed prior to getting vaccinated against covid.


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