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Asia Cup 2021 Deferred Until 2023 Due to Lack of “Window”

No ‘Window’ for Asia Cup 2021...Get the details...

Monday, 24th May 2021

Executive Board of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Sunday announced their decision to postpone the Asia Cup 2021 to two years hence.

In an official statement released by the Council, they stated that amid the risks and restrictions that are posed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cricket board had been compelled to take the call of postponing the Asia Cup from the year 2020 to 2021 and now on account of a packed FTP (Future Tour Programs), they have had to push it further by a couple of years.

In the statement, the ACC said, “There is no practical window in the year when all the teams would be available to participate. The Board has accordingly considered the matter very carefully and determined that the only way ahead would be to postpone the event. It would therefore only be feasible for this edition of the tournament to be held in 2023 as there is already an Asia Cup in 2022. Dates for the same will be confirmed in due course.”

The Asia Cup, that is usually played every 2 years, one is already scheduled for the year 2022, because of which the 2020 edition has been slated for 2023.

The 2020 tournament is expected to be hosted by Pakistan and the 2023 iteration will be played in Sri Lanka.

India has been the winner of the two previous Asia Cup. This year’s tournament was to be a T20 format months before the T20 World Cup scheduled for later this year in India.

Last held in 2018, the Asia Cup was supposed to be hosted by Sri Lanka in June this year. However, Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley de Silva announced that it will be demanding for them to conduct the tournament.

De Silva told the press, “Due to the prevailing situation, it will not be possible to play the tournament in June this year.”

The tournament was to be held in Pakistan initially, but due to prevailing political tensions India has with the country, the venue was shifted to Sri Lanka. That too, however faced suspension due to a want of window in the cricket calendar of the four big Asian sides who have “packed” schedules until the end of this year.

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