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Alcohol and Brain Health: Alarming Facts

How can alcohol damage your brain…learn…

Tuesday, 25th May 2021

The impact of excessive alcohol consumption is not unknown to all. So, health-conscious people generally try to take it in moderation. Just a small peg of beer with pals at weekend evenings or a glassful of wine at a long and messy day’s end may not seem that health-declining. However, the latest research tells a different story. Researchers at the Oxford University have found out that even a small amount of alcohol occasionally can prove damaging for your brain. Observational research has found out that no level of drinking is actually safe for the brain. Even moderate drinking can have an adverse effect on each part of your brain.


For this study, the researchers undertook an analysis of the connection between the self-reported info related to alcohol intake of over 25,000 people in the UK and the brain scans of such people. During the research, the researchers noted that drinking alcohol can actually leave a severe and pretty bad effect on the gray matter of the brain.


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The brain’s gray matter is a vital section of the central nervous system or CNS. The gray matter is made up of capillaries, synapses, glial cells, neuropil, and neuronal cell bodies. The gray part is crucial for the processing of information within the brain and any sort of abnormality in that part may badly affect the functioning of neurons.


The study reveals that intake of alcohol can diminish the gray matter’s volume in the brain. The higher is the intake of alcohol the lower is the gray matter’s volume. Intake of any quantity and just any type of alcohol can prove to be harmful to almost the entire brain and not just anyone specific part. Although intake of alcohol can bring about up to just 0.8% alteration in the volume of the brain’s gray matter, the role alcohol plays is far greater than the other contributing factors that impact the brain in the course of the normal aging process.


All type of alcohol, whether it is vodka, gin, wine or beer, is harmful to the brain. Pre-existing health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure and the pattern of binge drinking may simply increase the chances of damage to the brain.


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